Mormon (LDS) Thirteenth Article of Faith


2 Responses to Mormon (LDS) Thirteenth Article of Faith

  1. Candace Fowers says:

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site, looking for something to amuse my 9-10 Valiants during Primary=Sacrament practice. Thanks for the idea, but, alas! the word searches printed off too tiny to read! Is there a way to remove the border and only print the puzzle? I tried expanding it, but it expanded EVERYTHING, including the border, and made 2 pages! AARGH!

    • Allen says:

      Hi Candace, thanks for visiting my site.

      Be sure you click the image, to get rid of the other things on the page, before you print the puzzle. Your screen will show what the page will look like when it is printed. I just printed the 13th article of faith to check it, and the printed page looks fine. Admittedly, the words to be found are printed in a small font, but I had no problems reading them. I’m using a Macintosh, and perhaps Windows gives a different font-size.

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