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I am a person who, without argument or debate, wants to discuss and share ideas with others. Even though we may disagree on things, civil discourse will help us retain sanity and friendship in our relationships.

Let Your Children Learn From Experience

There are two ways we can learn. We can be forced to learn or we can learn because we want to learn. If we learn because we are forced to learn, we probably learn because of fear of penalty if … Continue reading

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Who Has Decision-Making Authority in the Church

Many LDS, don’t agree with all of the doctrine or policies of the church, and they have to decide if they will publicly protest against those differences. This essay gives my view of the issue. The essay does not discuss … Continue reading

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What’s New

You’ve been here before? Great! This page will tell you about new “pages” that have been recently added to the site. Most recent “pages” are listed first. If you want to subscribe to this blog, subscribe to the comments not … Continue reading

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