There is a story of an old missionary who struggled by himself for many years in a remote area of the world.

Finally, the Mission Board wrote to tell him it had raised enough money to send an assistant. They sent a young man who had the self-confidence that comes with being young and right out of seminary.

When the young man arrived at the mission station, they called together the chief and the entire tribe to welcome him.

Then they asked the young man to say a few words. He could speak only English, so the old missionary stood by to translate.

The young fellow said something like this: “We must always remember that there is an infinite and qualitative distinction between the eternal gospel and all the historical manifestations of it under the contingencies of human existence.”

The old missionary stood for a moment dumbfounded, as the young man waited for him to translate.

Finally, the wise old missionary turned to the people and said, “Friends, he says he loves you and is glad to be here.” … USWest Health & Safety


To shoot over the heads of those we address does not so much reveal that we are brilliant as it reveals that we are poor shots. … Dr. Dale Turner


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