Planning an Eagle Scout Project

A true experience with fictitious names

Brother Peterson, Scoutmaster of the ward (LDS or Mormon) troop, was walking through the foyer on his way to the Gospel Doctrine class, when his name was called by one of his scouts. The Scoutmaster turned and saw Fred, one of his Priest-age scouts (due to its small size, the troop had members from the three Aaronic Priesthood quorums, each quorum in its own patrol). “Hi Fred!”  “Hi, Brother Peterson, I’ve decided what I want to do for my Eagle Scout project.”   “Great, Fred, lets go over where we can talk.”  The two made their way to a corner of the foyer.

“OK, Fred, tell me about it.” Fred smiled and said, “Well, I want to do a genealogy class.”  Brother Peterson smiled back and replied, “Sounds interesting. Who would be your sponsor?” Fred responded, “My town’s Historical Society.”  “OK”, said the Scoutmaster, “I think you have a great idea! Lets get together and start the planning.” Brother Peterson, realizing the 30 miles between his house and Fred’s house made it unfeasible to meet during the week, said, “How about each Sunday after church for an hour, and I’ll drive you home.” “Cool”, said Fred, “I’ll check with my folks, but I’m sure it’ll be OK with them.”   “Super”, said Brother Peterson.  “Let’s start next Sunday. Bring a spiral notebook and a pen.”  “OK”, replied Fred, “I’ll be here.”


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