A Rational Reason for Opposing Abortion

Advocates of abortion say that a woman is the only one who has the right to make decisions about her body. They have a point, but I do not believe her freedom extends to the act of murder. To me the primary question concerning abortion is that of murder. If abortion is murder, I believe the woman does not have the right to choose abortion. No one has the right to approve of or commit murder.

As I listen to arguments for and against abortion, I think that persons on both sides of the issue are making assumptions about the question of murder. Those favoring abortion speak of the woman’s right to choose. They seem to believe the embryo or fetus being removed is not a person, and they tend to ignore the question of murder, unless that question is brought up during an interview or a debate. Those opposing abortion are
quick to say the woman does not have the right to kill an unborn child. In order to answer the question of murder, scientists would have to definitively define life and declare, from an absolute viewpoint, when life begins. The problem with that is that such definitions are not necessarily the “real” definition of life as God would give it. Even religious people don’t
have a good answer to the question of murder. In order to answer that question, religious people would have to be able to speak for God. This presents a problem, since scriptural verses about life in the womb are vague and are subject to diverse interpretations and thus can’t be used, in my opinion, to establish when life begins.

Unfortunately, God has not revealed when life begins. Is it at the time of conception? Sometime during the pregnancy, as, for example, the moment the mother first feels the baby move? At the moment the full body of the baby leaves its mother? At the moment the cord is cut and the baby is separated from its mother? At the time the baby takes its first gasp of air? I don’t know. I oppose abortion, because I can’t say if a particular abortion is murder or not, and if I’m to err I want the error to favor human life.


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