My Conversion to Jesus Christ

I was raised a Mormon and have always believed in Jesus as the Son of God. However, in my early years, my belief in him was quite superficial. I primarily thought of him in terms of the resurrection, being saved from death. I also thought of him as my savior from sin, but I didn’t understand that very well. I was focused on the mortal aspects of his life: where he lived, what he did, what he taught.

It wasn’t until I began to understand the principle of grace that I began to have a deeper feeling toward Jesus. I first heard about grace when I was a missionary and read a talk on grace by a BYU professor. I didn’t understand what he was saying, because I had never heard that concept before. Years later, as I understood the Gospel more, I began to understand grace.

I’ve tried to express in my essays my belief that salvation, that is the removal of our sins, comes completely through grace. As D&C 19:16 teaches, we come to Christ through repentance, though changing our lives to conform more with his life. But our repentance does not remove sin. The removal of our sins comes from Christ through his grace. He requires that we come in repentance and then he allows his atonement to cleanse us. Many Mormons confuse the two, as I did earlier on, thinking that their repentance removes sin, that if they just try harder they can become clean. A different perspective is needed: it’s not a matter of trying harder; it’s a matter of becoming more like Christ — our focus must be on him not on us.

Over the years, I have grown, and am still growing, to have a deeper love of Jesus Christ, as I partake of his grace. As I’ve come to feel in my heart that if it weren’t for Jesus Christ, I couldn’t become free from the shackles of my sins, I’ve come to understand and appreciate him and his atonement more. This has caused me to want to become like him. I’ve come to have a lot of gratitude for what he did for me. I’ve felt his unconditional love towards me, and I’m learning that I want to have that love toward others. He is becoming the center of my life, although the road towards that is winding and slow, because I become distracted by the things of the world. At times, during the passing of the Sacrament, I think of Jesus suffering in the garden and on the cross. I realize that he didn’t do that for himself but for me, and my heart fills with gratitude and love for him.

I know that Jesus is the Son of God, my Redeemer and Savior. I know that he, only he, can remove my sins, and I’m grateful for his unconditional love to me. I love him and want to be like him. I pray that I may not let the things of this world come between us. I pray that I may reach the point of humility and repentance that I give my life to him.


One Response to My Conversion to Jesus Christ

  1. Taylor says:

    Amen. Your soul shines through here. You are a beautiful person.

    My only comment is on your last sentence about somehow being humble and repentant enough to give yourself to Christ.

    I don’t agree with some of your beliefs, but I do believe you’ve given yourself to Christ. Christ loves you for you, not for what you’ve done or what you may or may not accomplish in the future. You’ve given your life to Him and he accepts you even with your sins. You are clay in His hands, and you and He are in a relationship where you will see/find/become/do everything He wishes of you in His time. We all have some “idols” hidden in our “temples”. I believe we can only root these out because we have given ourselves to Christ, and not before.

    I believe the relationship with God is paradoxical. It requires you to look within to become humble and submit to Christ as the author and finisher of salvation…which seems selfish. But once you’ve arrived there, you are finally at a place where you can affect the world in beautiful ways.

    Don’t question your relationship with Christ just because someone has taught you it’s a difficult destination. It’s not a difficult destination. You need this perfect relationship to “run the race”. If you are not Christ’s, then whose are you? You are Christ’s. Just go with it. Keep learning, and you will be exactly who and where He wishes you to be at the perfect time.

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