Responsibility: The Cost of Freedom

I think that all of us want to be free from control by others. We want the freedom to choose where we will live, where we will go, and what we will do. The Lord wants us to have this freedom, but the freedom comes with a cost. For example, I am free to choose what I will eat, but my freedom about food comes at a cost. The cost is my health. If I choose to eat nourishing food, I will have good health. If I choose to eat food that is not nourishing, even though it may taste good and keep me going for a while, I will have bad health, and maybe death. Yes, I am free to choose what I will eat, but I am not free to choose the results of my freedom.

Such it is with all freedom. We are free to choose what we will do, what we will wear, and where we will go, but we must be responsible about our use of our freedom. It is easy for people to exercise their freedom, but it is difficult for people to be responsible for their freedom. This responsibility is difficult, because it usually restricts our freedoms, and we don’t like restrictions.

As we grow from children to adults, and even in adulthood, we have to accept limitations on our freedoms to gain desired blessings from the freedoms. The example given above of our choice of food illustrates this principle. We realize that we haven’t been eating healthy foods, and we may decide to change our diet to be more healthy. Or, we may continue our eating of unhealthy foods because we don’t like healthy foods. The choice is up to us, and we must be responsible in our use of our freedom to choose what we will eat. We must be willing to pay the price of our freedoms. In this example, the cost of freedom is the health of our mortal bodies. In other cases, the cost might be the continuation of our life-style. From the viewpoint of the future, the cost may be whether or not we will be with our Father in Heaven in the Celestial Kingdom. We have to decide if we want temporary satisfaction now or eternal joy in the future.


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