Archive of Testimonies #2

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:15)

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David Edwards ( 15/9/1999 )
From South Australia
Comments Hi to all LDS’s. I myself am not an LDS, but I wanted to write to someone and tell them that I have just watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on ‘Songs of Praise’. I am not a singer, in fact I am not very keen on all the singing that goes on in churches now, but the choir was great. They finished the show with Abide With Me and The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, and I had tears in my eyes. I have never heard Abide With Me sung better. God Bless all the members of the choir, and I just hope that the rest of the LDS’s appreciate what they have with the choir. David.

Joyce Christopher ( 4/10/1999 )
From Virginia
Comments loved your page

Michael Gutierrez ( 5/10/1999 )
From Utah
Occupation Computer Tech
Comments Well, I feel I need to share some thoughts with someone other than my wife. I had a dream about three months ago that I feel turned my life around 180 degrees. I haven’t been very active in the church my whole life. I always went around looking for signs. I knew that if I was looking for them, they wouldn’t come. Well, for a while I was just taking life as it goes and I had a wonderful dream!! Imagine yourself in a place where all you can see is the beautiful night sky full of bright stars. I was in a room I think, but it had no walls. I could see maybe 10 or so stone pillars; huge ones. I was surprised to see our Savior in front of me. As I looked at Him and He looked at me, it seemed as though a window was closing and we were being separated. I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of Christ in the Heavens with his arms open like He was reaching to us? Well, that’s how I saw Him. This window was closing fast and I began crying and pleading with Him to give me another chance. I was crying my eyes out!! It ended when after a while of crying and pleading, I was hugging my Savior!! I’m sure you’ve also seen the picture of Jesus hugging a man? Well, that’s what I saw, except the man was me!! I was so happy!!! My wife was pushing me to wake up, but I didn’t want to wake up!! I cried and told her about my dream. I hope this touches someone’s life and you see how precious life is. This is just a quick summary, but I think it gets the message across. Don’t let your window close on you!!

Georgina Marie Leu ( 14/10/1999 )
Comments This page is really cool. I am at college writing this and I want to say Thank You for the Testimonies that have been shared. I know that the Church is true without a shadow of a doubt and I am greatful for the sacrifice that my Saviour paid for me. I love living in a time when the Church is growing at an unbelievable rate.The number of Saints in England is growing and I LOVE IT!!!

Karen ( 28/10/1999 )
From Texas
Comments I would just like to bear my testimony that I know the church is true. I am grateful for the plan of salvation and I love my Heavenly Father. I KNOW Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw, and I respect and revere him as the great prophet of the Restoration. I love the Book of Mormon. God bless President Hinckley!!!

Sam Butler ( 3/11/1999 )
Comments The Gospel is TRUE! I have learned this especially since joining the Air Force. I must relay an experience I had in Basic Training…or a couple. That first Saturday, after being torn to death by our Training Instructors, the mood COMPLETELY changed as we then discussed religion, and discussed attending church services! It was the untouchable in Basic Training…they could NOT mess with religion! In fact, I walked in the office and asked him what time church began for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…he said, “You’re a MORMON?” To which I replied, “Yes, Sir!” He then proceeded to tell me church was at 1300 (1:00 PM) and where and gave me directions to get there, made sure I had an escort to church so I didn’t get lost since it was my first Sunday going, AND told me I’d better not miss it! (He also told me to go down and eat before the rest of the group, since they usually eat lunch on Sundays at about 1:00). Talk about a COMPLETE reversal from all the yelling and screaming! Even more importantly, though, that first Sunday in the Lackland Air Force Base, Texas Basic Training Branch of the Church, I remember I sat kinda near the back…and OH how overwhelmed with tears of joy I was! The Spirit was there SOOOOOO STRONG! There was someone else who then walked in and sat next to me…he being an investigator, asking me if I knew this was the true Gospel of Jesus Christ…to which my whole heart screamed in a Spiritual way, “It is beyond a shadow of a doubt!!!” I never did see him again, not even 5 minutes later…but what a testimony-builder to me Basic Training was! I was constantly reading the Scriptures whenever I could (which wasn’t much), and by the end, I had a friend who was not LDS going to church with me, who also commented on the Spirit there! I have no clue what happened with him either; as far as I know, he is still in Monterey, California training to be a Linguist. Oh, the greatness of the Lord! The Gospel is TRUE!! There are SOOO many other experiences I could relay, but I don’t have the time right now. Jesus Christ is the Savior; the Gospel was restored to Joseph Smith! Choose the Right, and stay F f A i I r T m H! (Think about this puzzle :o) SMILE! Smiles are wonderful things, indeedily!! :o) God Bless You!!!!! Au revoir! With a HUGE Smile, Sam :o)

Allen ( 3/11/1999 )
Comments Sam’s testimony reminded me of an experience I had at Ft. Ord, California. It was the night before I was to leave Ord, and I was at my bunk packing my things. Several guys were talking at the next bunk and were using very rough language. Usually I would go to the library where I could have some peace and quiet, but this time I had to stay there and get my stuff packed. The guys decided they wanted some things from the PX and they asked me if I would go to the PX for them. The following words just came out of my mouth: “I will if you’ll stop using your filthy language.” They said ok, I got their stuff, they were happy, and I was able to finish my packing without having to hear their language. I felt the Lord had blessed me in what I said and them in their response, which wasn’t the usual Army response that would be given. I know that God lives, that Jesus Christ is his Son, our Redeemer and Savior. I’m grateful for their grace and love to us, and for the example Christ has set — he is my role model. I know that Jesus Christ has restored his Church and has living prophets today, the first being Joseph Smith and the current prophet being Gordon B. Hinckley.

Emma Deeney ( 18/11/1999 )
From Scotland
Comments I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints since I was two and I have loved every minute of it. There have been a lot of hard times but I have got through them all. I served a four month mini-mission when I was 17 and to be apart of the great work of the Lord was the best experiance of my life. Allen your web page is excellent. Continue the good work

Olivia Gibson ( 10/12/1999 )
From Florida
Comments I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!! I joined the church on 12/28/97, and I’m the only member in my family. I couldn’t have made the changes in my life that I did if I hadn’t had a strong testimony. I know that the church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible are both true. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet. I KNOW that Jesus Christ is my Savoir, and I love him. I love the Temple, and I love my family. My favorite hymn is “I know that my Redeemer Lives” To those who have grown up in the Church: Be grateful! It’s so different not having it there. I wish that my family could understand my joy. They were against my choice of being baptized. Thanks to all LDS web sites! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mike Licona ( 15/12/1999 )
From Virginia
Comments I am a non-Mormon and appreciated your accurate treatment of archaeology and the Book of Mormon. I have spoken personally with Hugh Nibley, David Johnson (BYU Prof. of Anthropology), and John Clarke (BYU Prof. of Anthropology). All agree with you that there is no specific confirmation of the Book of Mormon, yet parallel evidence exists (i.e., peoples did exist in North and Mezzo America during 600 B.C.-A.D. 400). Another thing to consider, however, is that there are places such as hill Cumorrah, where archaeological evidence should exist, but none does. This I believe is damaging.

Kathy Ann Sampath. ( 17/12/1999 )
Comments I’m grateful to have stumbled on this page. I always grasp every opportunity to have fellowship with other saints. I just want everyone to know we serve a living God, he’s there every time we call on him. If we continally TRUST in him he’ll BLESS our every step. I want to confess I get MIRACLES and BLESSINGS every day. Little ones, big ones they come in all shapes and sizes. Praise God for he is GOOD.

Comments I want to state that I know the BOOK OF MORMON is true and that the CHURCH is the true CHURCH. I want to say THANKS to a lot of ELDERS who worked on me for so long: ELDER EVANS, SULIVAN, JORGENSEN, STRONG and a few I can’t remember but they showed me the light. I love them all and all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST. THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS. DENNIS THURMAN

Allen ( 2/1/2000 )
Comments As we enter a new year and millennium, I would like to bear my testimony to the divinity of Jesus Christ, that he is the Messiah, the Redeemer, the Son of God, my Savior. I’m grateful for his blessings and influence in my life during the past year. I’m grateful for my wife and children and other family members. I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for my health and for my employment. I’m grateful for the many good, wholesome people who make this world a nice place to live in. I’m grateful for the scriptures and for our living prophets who give us wise counsel. I hope all of you have a great year, and that the tribulations and difficulties that come to all of us will help us turn to Christ as the answer to our problems! Love, /Allen

Bill Christiansen ( 4/1/2000 )
From Canada
Comments I have been a member of the LDS Church for almost three years now. I will never forget the day the missionaries came to my door; as a matter of fact, I was there with the door open before they even got to it. I know that by the third discussion, I had made the decision to join the Church. However, along the way, I made a few mistakes, and one major one. But I know that with the faith of the Lord in my heart once again (as it was when I was baptized) I can get through the difficulty of responsibility towards my wife and sons. I thank the Lord for all that was done, even the adverse trials of late. It is with deep comfort that I know this Church is true, and I look forward to bearing my testimony once again. Thank God for life.

Kim Cangelsi ( 7/1/2000 )
From Texas
Comments I’d like to share my testimony with everyone that i know this church is true and that if you listen to the Articles of Faith that you will find the truth. And i am proud of all the stuff this church has done for the world and everywhere eles. And i say these things in the name of our savoir JESUS CHRIST. Amen

Lorry ( 8/1/2000 )
From Hawaii
Comments I would like to share my testimony that I believe in Jesus Christ, and that thru his atonement we will all be together in Heavenly Fathers kingdom. I know this Chruch is the only true Church. I know the Gospel is true. I am greatful for all the wonderful blessings that are bestowed upon me by our Heavenly Father. I thank all my Brothers and Sisters for their support and love. I am thankful for having the Holy Spirit with me to guide me thru lifes ups and downs. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Bethany ( 15/1/2000 )
From Oregon
Comments When life gets too hard to stand … kneel. Prayer works! I know it does. Doctrine and Covenants 88:63. “Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Need I say any more? I love the gospel, and what the principles do for my life. I love my Savior, Redeemer, and best friend Jesus Christ. He has worked miracles in my life … he can work miracles in yours.

Rob ( 18/1/2000 )
From Canada
Comments I joined in 1997, after a girlfriend I knew from high school was on her mission in England, talked me into seeing some missionaries. I was baptized a month later after I cleaned up a few things and while I admit, have been on and off for a while, I’m here to stay because I’m getting married in the temple to a beautiful American girl and I can’t believe how strong she makes me in the church. I just want to do everything right so I can be with her for all eternity. I’m very thankful for the gospel for making me wise up to what I have to be doing in my life and also for the principle of repentance for allowing me to be clean again. I love the Lord with all I have and I urge anyone who is looking for answers to read the Book of Mormon, for you’ll find everything you need to know in there.

Joy ( 19/1/2000 )
From Utah
Comments I have been a member all my life, but am now just learning the true responsiblities that you must take on as a member of this church. It takes a lot of personal study and prayer to truely find what the gospel means to you and to find your own testimony. I know that this is an on going process and doesn’t get any easier as time goes on, in fact, I believe it can get harder because the more you learn and grow in the church, the more Satan will try to influence you to change. I know in my heart that living the way the Lord wants us to is the only way that we will find happiness in this truely harsh world. If you humble yourself and get on your knees and ask for the Lord’s guidance that he will not lead you astray, but rather he will lift you up and carry you. He is there waiting for each of us to come unto Him and ask for his love. We are, each and everyone of us, His children. He gave us this beautiful gospel to teach us of Him and to give us a way back to Him. He loves us, and I know in my heart that if you ask Him if he loves you personally and that if this gospel is the true and everlasting gospel you will feel an overwhelming feeling of love and peace come about your whole soul that you will never want to deny any of it. And at that very point in your life you will want to do everything possible to keep that feeling alive in you.

Mercedes Vitilia Romero ( 27/2/2000 )
From California
Occupation Mortuary Services
Comments I’d love to tell the world I know with all my heart that this church is true and just how much I love all of Gods children…. That sound so phony but for those of you that are not in the church you have know idea of what is in my heart and how wonderful the holy ghost works in your life. I’ve just finshed spending time in the HATE sites only to fell so blessed to be a member of this church . I know that Jesus LIVES and that My Heavenly Father Loves and knows me what a Blessing.

Aurelia ( 26/3/2000 02:40 )
From Utah
Comments I love the temple. I wish everyone would choose to go. When I go inside the House of the Lord to learn, I remember who I am and my purpose and mission here on earth. I am endowned with strength to make and keep sacred covenants and I rejoice in the fact that my Heavenly Father wants me and my family to progress. He has given us temples as a vital stepping stone to eternal life and progression. We couldn’t make it back to the highest degrees of glory without temples. I am also grateful for the work President Hinkley is doing to speed the work of temple construction. Go to the temple my friends! Don’t let anything on earth keep you from the House of the Lord. Make and Keep those covenants. It will bless you and your family forever. And I mean literally forever.

Lindy ( 27/3/2000 07:05 )
From Utah
Comments I just want to let everybody know that this church is very very true. There is no other way to go than to believe this with all your heart. I used to be so “rebellious” you could say. I went to church just because my parents said that I could go happy or I could go mad, but I was going. Never did I go happy. Just in the past few months have I really known that this church is true. I am so thankful for Joseph Smith. He is the most righteous person, besides Christ, that lived on the earth. With all that he went through, I know I can go through anything. I know that President Hinckley is the true prophet, and he was sent here in these latter days to try to better our lives. I also am so greatful for my parents and all that they do for me. They are the only people to go to for anything. Parents are almost the only people you know you can count on in these latter days. I am so thankful for everything I have and know, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

christine ESTEBAN ( 29/3/2000 18:45 )
From France
Comments Hello ! I’m a French sister from Montpellier (southern France) and I would like to tell you how happy I’m to be a member of the church. We’ll have a stake soon and Satan is raging actually but at the same time we have twice as many baptisms as before. I’m so happy with my patriarchal blessing and this hope for the future. I’ve never been so much loved and cared for, so much guided in all my choices, so much inspired in everyday life. My love for others has increased and service became a second nature. When we were singing on that Monday evening at church in the garden, suddenly my shoulder started burning and I felt the pressure of the fingers of a hand on my shoulder. I got scared at first, thinking maybe it was a warning of something terrible that would happen to me, but nothing happened but joy and happiness in the following days. I thank my lord Jesus Christ for his love for all of us and I’ve understood the value of each individual. Hope you will understand my English. Love to all Au revoir, Christine. Please I’d like to have a pen-friend from the church in England or the USA. I’m 33; single and I will answer all letters. Christine ESTEBAN 330 RUE DES GABARES 34000 MONTPELLIER FRANCE

Rebecca Noel ( 6/4/2000 07:56 )
From California
Comments I would like to share my testimony of this gospel. I was baptized about 2 years ago. What a wonderful impact it has made on my life. Where would I be if it wasn’t for the atonement of Jesus Christ? I had a great experience with prayer that I will never forget. One night I was lying in bed, confused about my life, the Church and etc.. When I asked Heavenly Father if I made the right choice in joining this Church. I closed my scriptures and opened them randomly. I opened to the book of Ephesians. I truly believe that God was guiding me that night and will continue to forever.

John Holton ( 11/4/2000 16:18 )
From Ohio
Comments Thanks for those bakery products that are free of Aluminum metal baking powder. I shall inform all my friends to buy bake goods from Korgers. Aluminum makes a great fishing boat but yuckee…who wants to eat that un natural man made metal.

Stephen ( 12/4/2000 14:50 )
From UK
Comments I just wish to share how merciful the Lord is. As I go through life, I often stumble and fall as the stresses and strains come and go. I thank the Lord that He doesn’t seem to mind. He is always with me. He has taught me so much through the Holy Spirit. I have learned that I must let go – I cannot save myself, so I should stop trying, and let Him do it. My testimony grows each week. Never stop seeking. Never say ‘I have enough’. All praise to the Lord, for He is merciful and brings salvation to all mankind! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Ginny Mize ( 13/4/2000 05:36 )
From Texas
Comments First I would like to thank Allen for this page. It is wonderful to have a place that we can testify to all our feelings about our Heavenly Father and our religion. I and my husband were raised in a little town in Louisiana where we would have never heard the true gospel. It was ruled by protestant and catholic religions. we had a chance to take our family and seek employment in Texas and we moved west. Within the year we were living in a community where the ladies invited me to their early mourning coffees. Each mourning a lady’s name in the community would be brought up and someone would say “oh, did you know she is a MORMON.” After hearing this a few times I began to wonder what was so different about being a Mormon, so I proceeded to walk over to her house one afternoon when she was watering her yard and ask her what was so different about being a Mormon. She very kindly took me in and told me about the Book of Mormon and this really got my attention because I had always been interested in the people of this continent. This was the most logical answer I had ever heard about where the Indians of this country came from. The Missionaries taught us and before we could be baptized we moved one hundred miles from the chapel. We drove that distance to be baptized. From that day until now we have been faithful. I know that the Gospel is true as is taught in the Latter Day Saint Church. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and he saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. I know that he was the tool that Christ used under the direction of his Father to restore the everlasting Gospel so that his children would have the opportunity to choose who they will serve. We now have answers to many questions that the Bible does not make clear. I know that each prophet that has been called since Joseph Smith have been prophets called by God to serve as his mouthpiece to each of us. I know that if people knew what the Latter Day Saint people have to share with the world they would be breaking down our doors to receive it. I am thankful for Jesus Christ, my elder brother and savior. I know he lives and answers prayers. I say these things in Jesus name Amen.

Kula Schumacher ( 18/4/2000 15:00 )
From Hawaii
Comments Family History is one of my favorites things to do and also plants like haleconia and ginger flowers. Well it is a great privilege to be a member of the Church. This has given me a direction to great blessings for the Lord has blessed my family and I am grateful for my testimony. I know the Church is true and that Jesus is the Christ, Gordon B. Hinckley is a Prophet of God. We have living Prophets, Apostles. The gospel is terrific so much to learn and so much to do. Because of my testimony of the Gospel I have learned that there is always a blessing after every obstacle. We on this little island have had the opportunity to be a part of the new movie Testament. The new world was filmed here and we have met Elder Gary Cook, President Anderson and a lot of wonderful people who are special. My testimony has grown because we worked on set as set dressers, construction crews, and cast members. The Lord was there all the time and there were many spiritual experiences. Some of my best friends were Jim Sherman, Bill Barber, and Bill Shira. They were part indian and very [akamai] smart and close to the Lord. Thank you for the info on your site. I appreciate it very much. The other favorite area of mine is scouting, ym and yw programs. Aloha kakahiaka kupuna Allen hope you go see the new movie and maybe someday come to kauai Lihue Ward 4598 ehiku st.

Just a Visitor ( 26/4/2000 01:55 )
Comments I think this site is a remarkable support and help to people investigating this church or those people, like me, who need help bringing others to the “fold.” I am so appreciative to you for providing your time and thoughts to millions of people. Thank you!!!

Taylor Price ( 2/5/2000 23:33 )
From Arizona
Comments Believe it Brother! It’s TRUE.

Steve ( 14/5/2000 04:19 )
From England
Comments I’d like to share an experience I had today (13.5.00) As a scout leader I spend a lot of time setting up tents and stuff. Today I was in the grounds of our chapel trying out a new family tent we had bought (our garden was not big enough). After a while some youths came by and started to call my wife vile names and make anti church comments. My first reaction was to shout equally vile comment back at them, but the Lord saw fit to take away my power of speech at that moment. Long enough for me to think what sort of example of the church I would be setting if I sank to their level. By the time I had thought of anything suitable to reply, they had gone their way, and the reputation of the church was saved from my careless instincts. I wish to thank the Lord for his forbearance with me in a moment of weakness and his constant love for his children. I know this is the true church. Joseph Smith was a true prophet. The Book of Mormon is truly the most important testimont of Christ available to man. I thank God for His sacrifice in sending His Son to atone for our sins. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Fred Beijerling Sr. ( 15/5/2000 16:26 )
From The Netherlands
Comments Thank you for this very interesting site. I humbly bear witness as to the truth that is being invested in and preached by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a convert member since 1966 and my life is dedicated to the rendering of service to my fellow beings through the implementation of the principles of the Plan of Salvation and exercising the power of the Priesthood.

Sharon Dulude ( 9/6/2000 23:49 )
From Utah
Comments Thank you so much for this wonderful site. It was a true delight to stumble across Testimony! Oh my goodness, the gospel is so true! I am so thankful for my Brother and Savior Jesus Christ! Not only has he saved us all from the grave through His Atonement but also from sorrow and despair if we just follow His example for living. We just sent our fourth son out the door to the MTC. When my husband and I married 28 years ago, I was a Catholic at the time and He a Baptist, never could we have ever dreamed our destiny so grand! The gospel has blessed our lives so much. We have sent our sons out with humility and gratitude. I have had a burning desire for so many years to personally exchange testimony with sisters, families, around the world. I finally found time last year to send out 25 letters, through missions around the world, and received not one response! I was and still remain heartbroken. This site gave me the greatest joy, a connection to my brothers and sisters beyond my physical reach. Maybe this site is an answer to my prayers. I’m not in the mood to design a beautiful quilt or paint a picture that I surely do not have talent for! Rather I want to exchange testimonies, conversion stories, tiny moments that just count . . . (example) When we were at the MTC the mission Presidents wife was speaking and I leaned over and whispered to my son, “That’s your new mom.” He came back with the reply, “You are my only ‘mom'”. Sometimes there are just tiny little endearing moments. I’d like to hear from anyone who wants to share. I guess I should develope a web site but I am not that computer literate, yet. e-mail me at and address it to ‘just around the corner’. I will have my son create me a special box. I’d love to touch lives with those without computers. Does anybody have a clue as to how I can do this? Does anyone have a missionary out in the field who can extend a letter from me to a member in their area and encourage them to share a bit of their life with my family? I would be pleased to receive letters in a foreign language. I am sure I can find someone to translate, I hope! Delight in the Light, my brothers and sisters and have a great day!

Rina ( 12/6/2000 12:23 )
From Fiji Islands
Comments I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for the gospel in my life. I am a convert to the church and I can’t even tell you what a marvelous blessing it has been to my life. I recently graduated from BYU-Hawaii and moved to Seattle for work. I tell you the “real world” is pretty scary and each day I am so thankful that I have the teachings of the church to live my life by. I know that when we choose the right our lives are blessed and the peace that comes from righteous living is incredible…

Jessica Northern ( 22/6/2000 13:09 )
Comments I am a member of the church in Texas. I just felt as though someone drove me to this page. I just want say I know this church is true and I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Thank you for reading this and I hope somewhere out there I have helped some special person.

Evelyn A. ( 9/7/2000 10:43 )
Comments I don’t really know why people don’t come to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I Myself am only a teenager and I know in my mind and my heart that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that this church is perfect. Unlike us. This morning I returned from Young Women’s Camp. We awoke at 5:00 to bear our testimony, and I was the first young women to bear it. I could not hold my tears as I spoke, (as usual) and I received alot of positive reactions from doing it. I am so happy to be a member of this church and I will pray to our Heavenly Father to help each and every one of us to recognize it. -God Bless. Evie#13

lori ash ( 21/7/2000 08:31 )
From Ohio
Comments I was going through a depression about 1 1/2 yrs ago and I was crying on the floor and I remember just telling God that I give up I can’t handle it anymore my life is in your hands cause I can’t handle it anymore and then all of a sudden I got very calm and felt so much love and the phone rang and it was a call from Utah when I had visited there 2 years ago and went to see Legacy they got my name from the back of a ticket and asked if I would like to view a tape and listen to missionaries , and I said yes and I have loved this religion ever since. Our Heavenly Father has really blessed me and every time I get down I think of that ever moment and very feeling and I know how much He loves us and wants us with Him..

Eric Lassen ( 24/7/2000 11:27 )
From Georgia
Comments I have been a member of the church for over a year. I was raised to dislike the church. So my feelings I had before I was a member were very bitter about anything Mormon. You couldn’t even talk about anything good about the church to me; I was so hard hearted that the church was a cult. Until the day I met this girl, she was a special girl and without her I would never be a member, and that is how it all began. Well I am not with her any more; we had a tragic car accident that caused her to be paralyzed from the neck down, because I fell asleep driving. I was heart broken when she told she was not going to marry me as she lay in her hospital bed. When I was baptized sometime before the accident I wasn’t being baptized for the right reasons, I was only doing it for her so we could be together. When I was baptized my family turned against me at first, my dad cried in sorrow when he found out, and so did my sister, she attended my baptism. Well after the accident I was so confused, I was very emotionally unstable, no one new what I was going through, I felt like an outsider. And all to show for the relationship was that I was stuck with this religion. I didn’t even understand it. I was so unsure and untrusting I wouldn’t believe what the missionaries would tell me, I always thought there was some big conspiracy and this church was a cult and I was apart of it. But because for some reason I stayed in the church untrusting at first due to my lack of understanding. Well things in Arizona got really hard for me, I couldn’t live there anymore I had to leave and start over some where else. So I moved to a small town in Georgia. There is where I began to find my testimony. Because of the blessings of God I got a job in an advertising agency where everyone was Christian, each person was of a different faith. That part of my life I began searching for knowledge and wisdom about God, and because of certain people there who were very knowledgeable about the Bible I began to understand the teachings of the church more and more. I believe in my heart that God knew my untrusting nature towards his church, so he put me in a place where I could start to understand the fundamentals, so I could eventually grasp the wisdom behind the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So it took me time, and I began to be curious about praying to God to find out if the church was true. So I began to pray, I had prayed about it two previous times, but received no answer. But when my heart was right and I had real intent to want to know I prayed I told God that I except Jesus as my savior and he died on the cross and was resurrected. I began to feel a burning in my chest, it spread through out my whole body, it was the most exciting thing I ever felt. I began crying and laughing as if the lord was holding me. The burning felt like he put his hand in my chest and was holding my heart, I was paralyzed I couldn’t move, my back was arched, while this was happening I asked the lord if the Church was true. Just as soon as I asked him, my whole body began shaking like I was having a seizure, My body shook three times. And soon after I saw a vision of some sort of a hurting man with blood all over him and a crown of thorns, it was very dark and sad I began crying again, then I saw a man standing at the edge of a ship looking across the sea. After this whole experience was over I went to bed, knowing my life was changed forever, I began reading the book of Mormon, and studying the scriptures, and the church. I think about my body shaking and remember what the scriptures say; the witnesses of God will be in Two’s or Three’s. My body shook three times. I know that this church is true, the lord told me so by giving me the Holy Ghost. I encourage everyone who reads this who is not a member to start praying and wanting to know the truth, it may not happen when you ask the first time or the fifth, but it will happen when your heart is right. Don’t cleave to the understanding of man, and man’s religion, cleave to the understanding given by the Holy Spirit, he will answer you. I used to hate the church now I love the church, thanks to that special girl. I know this church is true, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

melissa woods ( 2/8/2000 00:08 )
From Australia
Occupation stay at home mum, and loving it.

Carey Christensen ( 25/8/2000 06:03 )
From Washington
Comments I accidentally came upon this web page and I am really glad that I did. I was born into the church. I am thankful for missionaries and the work they do. They leave home for 2 years and preach the gospel to the world. My mom is a convert to the church and it is because of my father. He served his mission in Yakima, Washington and there he meet and taught my mother the gospel. If that had not happened I would not be here today. I know this church is true and know believe that the scriptures are true. I am thankful for the priesthood and for the blessing that come from it. I am thankful for the example my husband set with his priesthood. It doesn’t matter if you are born into the church or a convert it takes faith and following in the example of the lord and his teachings to stay strong. Thank you for all the testimonies that you have written and glad that I was able to read them. Stay true to your self.

Shanae Dodge ( 16/9/2000 06:53 )
Comments I was looking up information for a talk I’m doing and happened to stumble onto this web page. I think that it is a neat way for people to share their testimonies without having to get in front of the congregation. I’m one of those people that gets up every fast Sunday to bear my testimony. Although you might think so it’s not as easy as it sounds. It was a goal that I set for myself. I love the church. It brings me and my family so many blessings. I’m so thankful for the missionaries. They leave their loved ones for 2 years and share the gospel with total complete strangers and also share their love with the members of the church. I am so happy that when I turn 21 I will be able to serve my Heavenly Father in a mission. I love to go to the Temple and feel the overwhelming spirit that dwells in it’s rooms. I’m a teenager so, I only get to go 2 times a year. But I look forward to that all of the time. I’m thankful to have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all my life. I know the church is true without a shadow of a doubt. And that Joseph Smith a 14 year old boy bent down on his knees and asked which of the churches is true. I’m thankful for that. I also know that he was a true prophet and that Gordon B. Hinckley is the true living prophet today. I’m also thankful for Seminary, and my Seminary teacher who does a wonderful job at teaching us the lessons. I know that if you are questioning what the truth is, that if you pray with real intent and love that you will receive the truth from your Heavenly Father. He loves each and everyone of us. He will always be there for us no matter what. Always CTR (choose the right) and you will never go wrong. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Kaye ( 16/9/2000 11:50 )
From New Zealand
Comments As a recently called Young Women’s President in my Ward, I have been absolutely blown away by the help I have received via the internet. I just love my computer now … it use to be this horrible thing I didn’t know how to use. I now get help with talks, leadership skills, handouts (that y.w. just love receiving), and the wealth of information that people have made available to others is just wonderful. Allen, people like you are really appreciated … you bring a lot of joy into the lives of people like myself who have had up ’til now, limited resources to assist us in our callings. Thank you heaps. I love the gospel, I love my Heavenly Father and I’m so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. May all who read this continue to be kept in His tender care.

Gi’Gi Luekenga ( 16/9/2000 15:41 )
From California
Comments Hello! I discovered this web site while searching the web for an old recipe book: “Wheat for Man: How and Why” It isn’t published anymore and I cannot find my copy. In this book is one of my favorite recipes: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies. If anyone can help me with this search, I would appreciate it very much. I am a temple worker in the San Diego Temple and love my calling very much (along with ward choir director). I have a deep and abiding testimony of the correct principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you would like to have more information regarding our (seventh) ward in San Diego North Stake, please log onto our site at That is the Relief Society site for our ward. God bless all who read this message.

Jackie Cody ( 28/9/2000 08:19 )
Comments I would like to say that I have just joined the church this year, and I know that it is a true church and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I believe that Gordon B. Hinckley is one now and that the church is the best thing that has happened to my life since my husband. I would also like to add that my husband was already a member and that he never pushed me to join but on our 1 year anniversary the missionaries came over and that’s when it all started for me.

Kathleen Rowley ( 28/9/2000 12:49 )
From Idaho
Comments What an inspiring site. I am full of gratitude and humbled by the wonderful testimonies I’ve just read. How wonderful to hear new converts share their strong convictions. I always want to share my testimony, particularly with those who have not found the Church of Jesus Christ yet. I would tell them of the sure knowledge I have regarding the truthfulness of the Lord’s kingdom here on the earth, and of it’s miraculous beginnings and far reaching growth. I am a convert as a child of ten, and was blessed immediately with a testimony that will last throughout eternity. Thank you one and all for sharing your testimonies.

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