As a child, I lived in Southern Utah, the great-grandson of James Harvey Langford who came from Kentucky. Two of the staples that I ate during my childhood were corn bread and sorghum molasses. Our sorghum came from Hurricane and St. George, the two main cities at that time in Utah’s “Dixie”.

For a number of years after leaving Utah, I was able to find sorghum in the stores, but finally, it disappeared from the stores and from my diet. I recently decided that if I “can’t go to Rome”, I’ll have “Rome come to me”, and I invented a sorghum substitute which my daughter named “Molunny”, a mixture of molasses and honey (or as Pooh would say, “hunny”). It sorta tastes like sorghum and is great on my whole wheat waffles, pancakes, and muffins. It’s nutritious too, because molasses contains iron!

Mix 3 parts honey and 1 part molasses. Stir well and enjoy! Too strong or too mild?  No problem, just vary the ratio to suit your tastes.

2 Responses to Molunny

  1. Karen Langford Gay says:

    James Harvey Langford is my great great grandfather. My grandfather is Alva Langford and my father Byron Langford. My brother looks like James hHarvey’s twin. Would live to here what line you are through. Karen

  2. Allen says:

    Hi Karen,
    Go to the About Me page and then click on Langford Families in the right sidebar.

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