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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:15)

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Cole Adam Perry ( 31/10/2000 02:11 )
From Oregon.
Comments I love this church. i know the that Christ lives. i know this is the true church.

LAKISHA TURNER ( 17/11/2000 04:14 )

Sandy ( 28/11/2000 14:08 )
Comments I wanted to share my testimony, that I know that there is a God, even our Heavenly Father, who created us and loves us unconditionally. I know that Jesus Christ is my elder brother and my Saviour. Jesus suffered and died for all of our sins, so we could have a chance to repent and come back to our Father in Heaven. I love Him , I am so thankful for what He did for me and for all of us here on this earth. We are literal spirit children of God and for this knowledge Iam so thankful . The peace it brings to me to really know without a doubt who I am, where I came from and why, is so wonderful. I want everyone to have that peace and knowledge. My friends wonder why I am happy all the time and why when bad things happen I can eventually bounce back and still be thankful and that peace in my heart is still there. It’s knowing and looking at the BIG picture of things here on this earth and knowing why and what I am here for . Everyone here has a piece of God’s plan and we are so important to it to fulfill it . He wants us all back home…He loves us!!! 🙂

Ina Kavanagh Fitisemanu ( 4/12/2000 11:57 )
Comments Hi there!!! Great idea….My husband and I are originally from New Zealand and have been here for about 9 years. We are the parents of 9 children whom we all love very much. We both have been members, practically all our lives. But in so saying this, the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has truly never meant so much to us as it does now. I am not crazy!!! In fact I am a very sane woman…But some of the things that my husband and I have been blessed with and I am not talking material possessions here have just been things that I cannot dismiss. I have 6 girls and 3 boys ranging from the age of 17 to 1 years of age. One of my younger daughters is a darling little girl by the name of “Miracle”. She has a Rare Genetic Disease by the name of “Hypomelanosis of Ito”. She was diagnosed with the condition when she was about 1 years old. She is now nearly 3. Since been given a priesthood blessing by her dad and Grandpa many miraculous things have taken place. The medical profession have just been astounded in how certain symptoms can just disappear. But my husband and I know better. Having a large family is both challenging and rewarding, but more rewarding than anything. My knowledge of the gospel concerning how special children like our daughter “Miracle” has instilled in me great comfort knowing that in the next life she shall be perfect in mind and body….I truly know that there certainly is a Heavenly Father and that Jesus Christ is his son. I know that this Church is True and I cannot deny the blessings and the truthfulness of this gospel. I am grateful for my family and especially my husband who has a cracked sense of humor to get me through those days when I think I cant. Each day I struggle to be a better wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend but knowing what I have been blessed with in terms of family, especially my children helps make that struggle easier. Australia truly is a blessed country. My husband is a Correctional Officer and I am very lucky that this country has a system where it somehow supports stay at home mums. Before I use to wonder what it was to have more money and wealth…But now I know that unbeknown to me I have always been Rich! I have a strong testimony of the gospel, a crazy husband who practically worships the ground I walk on and a great bunch of kids!!!! What more could I possibly want aye!! see ya..

Jessica ( 8/12/2000 09:08 )
Comments Hi ya! I’m 13 and God has already done so much in my life that I don’t feel like I could ever thank him enough! But the one thing bad about being 13 is that I can’t do all that I want to, to tell people about Christ! And most of all (and with this I need prayer) my Grandfather is slowly dying, and he’s not saved, he also is no longer with my Grandmother, he has a new wife that won’t ever let us pray over dinner at her house! My Mom has tried to talk to them but they won’t listen. So please pray for them. Well, I would love to write more and maybe when I’m on again I will, but for now please pray for my family and for God to give me the courage I need to share his testimony with everyone I know or even don’t know. God Bless, Jessica

Jessica Hylton ( 8/12/2000 09:27 )
Comments Hey! I’ve been trying so hard to do what God wants me too but being a teen makes that really hard! I think without God I would be well, just not a very good person. Because even though I do know and love God I have done some really bad things in my life. And looking at some of the things I have done I wonder how God could still love me. But looking at how people without Christ live and act, or just feel about themselves lets me know just how much God cares for me. I’m trying not to fall for all the things that most unsaved or even saved teens do. And God have helped through a lot of it. 🙂 I’m still praying that God can use me (and he has already) to bring more people to Christ. I want to get out there and tell the world about him but, being just 13 it’s kinda hard, but I know God has some reason for me to be on this earth and no matter what it takes I want to find out what it is then to do it! And I’m happy to say that I would give my life for Christ, after all he first gave his life for me. God Bless.

Deryn ( 20/12/2000 04:33 )
From New Zealand
Comments I am just a new member and I’ve been a member for nearly 3mths. I just wanna share how the gospel has helped me in my life. Through this church, I have been blessed in so many ways, because if I am faithful, blessings don’t just trickle, they pour down. Although I am the only member, in my family, the gospel has helped my family, also, in little ways, just by me being an example to them. Thy have seen, how, I have changed, how, I am clean, and considerate, and how i don’t argue, or fight with my siblings any more. They say, “Deryn, what’s wrong with you, and I just say,” Nothings wrong, it’s just what they teach me at church mom!” I have always had a firm belief in God and have never once doubted anything he has said. It was just a matter of finding the true church, and i am glad to say that I have finally found it. I believe I have found it for one particular reason, because I am called to serve. I do indeed believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and that G.B Hinckley is our latter day prophet upon the earth. Jesus is our savior and he still reigns. May God Bless you all, Amen.

Susan ( 29/12/2000 12:57 )
From Maine
Comments Thank you Allen for this page. I am not computer literate and stumbled, I must say pleasantly, across your testimony page. I too have a testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My testimony does not come from being taught or by being brought up Mormon. I wanted to know the truth about which religion was true and right for me and my family. I started to read the Book of Mormon in November, 1989. I got stuck in the chapter of Second Nephi so I started reading my old family Bible. I read and pondered diligently. I finally prayed about it all. I didn’t get a vision or anything for which I am grateful but after praying a few times I finally did get what I know was my answer: a great peace that came over me. I felt unimaginable joy. I felt like crying because I was so happy. It felt like I was floating a foot off the ground, the joy was so great. It was like great weight was lifted from me. Matter of fact people I knew commented on how different I looked. I felt different, like I glowed or something. THOSE are just words; my testimony is so beautiful I cannot really describe it, words cannot describe a true testimony. It reminds me about when Alma tried to describe the fruit of the tree; being white above all that is white, sweet above all that is sweet et cetera. It was so beautiful and pure he could not describe it. I did join the Church and have the Book of Mormon many times as well as the Old Testament and New Testament. I have to confess, I have not fully read the Doctrine of Covenants (church history for non-members who would like to know what that is). I want EVERYONE who reads this that there is only ONE GOD, and ONE JESUS CHRIST who was born of the Virgin Mary. God our Father and Jesus our brother DO live. God gave the ultimate gift when he offered His Son to us. Jesus offered the ultimate gift to us in becoming our Exemplar and Savior. I KNOW that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is where I should be and I wish everyone felt the same as me. I KNOW that Joseph Smith brought forth the Book of Mormon through prayer, faith and prophecy. I know also that Gordon B. Hinckley is our prophet today. He is a man of great dignity and has much Love for us. He teaches us the right things to do in order to perfect our lives. Gordon B. Hinckley helps us follow our Brother Jesus’ footsteps so we can be with our Brother and Father again if we but do what he asks. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and that I am a member of His Church. My family and I have been so Blessed since I joined the church, eleven years ago January 7, 2001. God Bless all of you. Stay strong in your testimonies. Follow the Savior and someday we will meet! Pray Always!!!!!

Renda Combs ( 1/2/2001 14:56 )
From Ohio
Comments I am a home maker right now…no longer working out of the home. I attend church four times a week. I have grandchildren that I am busy with and have services at a nursing home. I play piano and sing…I love the Lord….

Renda Combs ( 1/2/2001 15:06 )
From Ohio
Comments I wanted to share a dream that I had a few years ago…I was feeling very low in my spirit..Not feeling worth very much..Feeling like I wasn’t pleasing the Lord..unsure, maybe of my calling..and salvation..One night, I dreamed that it was kind of dark and stormy..and I went to a window, and looked out…I looked up into the sky..into the dark clouds…then all of a sudden I saw brightness…and then the Lord, appeared to me…as I looked up to Him, He was looking at me…the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen, was on His face, and such a…pleased, look on His face towards me..just in His eyes, I knew that He was happy with me…I remember, laughing and laughing…so happy…He looked at me, and I knew that I was…living in a way, that He was well satisfied with me…I put my hands together and held them, all the while…laughing… that was all the dream was…but it changed my low…spirit…I knew that the Lord, was telling me to lift up my head…to realize that He really loved me..and that I was alright with Him…I will always remember how thankful I was for that dream…It was from the Lord, I feel…for sure…He is everything to me..I told my husband about the that time, he was cold and indifferent he told later in church..after he came back to the Lord, of how, when I had told him the dream, it scared him..the fact that..he did not feel that he could look at the face of Jesus..and that the Lord was not…smiling at him like that…He is now a devoted Christian…Hope this might help someone..Thank you for this chance of sharing this

KIm Bassett ( 12/2/2001 13:32 )
From Australia
Comments Evan though I have only been a member for 3 months, I know the church is true. It is the only true church. Everyone should read the scriptures every day.

Makalita Itaehau ( 25/2/2001 14:02 )
From Rancho Cucamonga
Comments I maybe a young adolescent but I personally have a testimony that this is the one and only true church. I know for a fact that Jesus is the son of the living god and that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I also testify that the work of our Lord is the true words. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer not too long ago and through prayer and fasting she is stronger then she has ever been. And the Lord has truly blessed our family by calling my father to serve as the Bishop of our ward. A very special THANK YOU to the members in the Rancho Cucamonga Ward for their love and support. I believe this to be the truest church in the name of thy son Jesus Christ, amen.

Ms.Isabelle.Janicaud ( 7/3/2001 13:52 )
From Australia
Comments I would like to announce to the world that I believe in Jesus Christ, my Saviour, my Redeemer. I joined the Church at 15 years of age. Always spiritual and searching for the truth, I loved The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Unfortunately, Satan loved me dearly and had other plans for my life.I met my Husband to be just after my baptism. Being young, weak and stupid, I chose a life of sin in the big, bed world. I lived in sin and against God for many years. My husband was not of God but of the world. Within months, I was on my way to a life of sadness, fear and misery. I had my first child at 16. 2nd at 18, the so-called man I married was a lazy, cruel man. I suffered continual beatings and eventually had to sell my body (therefore my soul) to feed my babies. Finally I decided to conceive my last child before leaving him. All my injuries were swept under the table with drug abuse. I am grateful for these drugs as they enabled me to survive until I had the guts to leave.1 year,5 months ago, I had my children baptized so I could suicide and stop the pain. Instead, the Lord forbid my actions, made my attempt null and void. I had administered myself with enough Heroin to kill 10 men or 3 horses. I survived. The first to help me were the Elders. They did not condone what I had done but treated me in a way that made me feel worth while, that me breathing was not a waste of space. I have been clean ever since. After a life of pure misery, I can smile at today, look forward to tomorrow and love myself for the things I have survived. Not many do survive. I know this church is true. I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Lord and that through Gods help restored the Gospel to us to learn. grow, teach, share. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ–AMEN.

Linzee ( 12/3/2001 05:53 )
From Canada
Comments Well I was doing a presentation on one of the investigating girls in my ward. We wanted to share with the young women information they may not know and accomplishments throughout their 13 years. One of the greatest accomplishments that this non-member girl did was learn THAT SHE WAS NO DIFFERENT THAN ANYONE ELSE. How true that is. God sees us all the same, as CHILDREN OF GOD. It was amazing to see how much she was already understanding who she really is. I am grateful for her example and for my Heavenly Father who does love me. He gives me strength in my times of need. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and he restored the church in the latter day. I know that he died for what he believed.

Pippa ( 9/4/2001 21:18 )
From England
Comments History, Gardening, Talking, Listening, Food, Friends, Church, in no particular order.

Pippa ( 9/4/2001 21:27 )
Comments Having put in my details, I need to share my testimony of the Church. I have been a member for eight years and my whole life has changed. Daily I find myself in situations that I now know how to deal with, I can measure the change in myself in the way I deal with people. I have learnt so much and am now able to communicate more effectively, the phrase which always springs to my mind is that it is essential to stand for something or else you will fall for anything. And that was me, never knowing truth or understanding it. Now I have the truth of the Gospel in my life and I understand the love that my Heavenly father has for me, I understand my purpose and I will be forever grateful. The knowledge I have of eternal families helps me be a better mother, and I feel truly blessed to have the care of children. I know the church is true because I can feel it, I know that our savior loves me because I can feel it and I know that we have a prophet to guide us and lead us because I can feel it. I love my savior and i am so grateful for the gift or repentance, and the atonement and the power of prayer and the comfort and calm I feel when I read the scriptures. I say all of this in the name of Jesus Christ.

stuart knapp ( 17/4/2001 04:37 )
From Idaho
Comments What a wonderful Easter Morning we had yesterday. As I walked outside the birds were singing and the sky was blue. I thought of the Resurrection and how Jesus Christ has risen from the tomb. I know God lives, I know that Jesus is the Christ and is Gods Son. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and President Hinckley is a Prophet of God. I know the scriptures are true. I know that I am a child of God and that he will lead me and guide me and walk beside me and he will help me find the way. Constant and Kind is he, love with out end. I know all these things because the spirit has whispered the truth of it to me. Rock on! The church is TRUE!

KIESSA ( 5/5/2001 03:21 )
From Utah

Mike Sanders ( 5/5/2001 04:09 )
From Missouri
Comments My Conversion to Christ through the BoM By Mike Sanders To all, My name is Mike Sanders and I am a very happily married 32 year old father of two girls (ages 4 and 2). I live in Independence, Missouri and attend The Church of Jesus Christ: New Jerusalem Restoration Branch. For those who may be unfamiliar with “Restoration Branches” we are primarily fundamental restorationists who have left the RLDS Church because of apostasy. We reject the new theology of the RLDS Church which has systematically rejected many of the original tenets brought forth through Joseph Smith. I am appreciative of the LDS Church and how they have upheld the Book of Mormon Stewardship. I frequent FARMS and try to keep up with apologetics, the Book of Mormon work, etc…and look forward to participating in these discussions as time permits. Below is an abridgment of my conversion to Christ through the Book of Mormon. My family came to Missouri in 1970 from Douglas, Arizona. My father was a non-member who grew up in a very wicked home. My mother was a member in name who also had a very disturbing childhood. Both were abused by their parents in very ungodly ways. My father turned to Alcohol to forget the experiences of his youth and at the age of twenty married my mother at the age of fifteen. Her marriage to him was one of desperation in fleeing a terrible situation at home. I was born when she was sixteen years old and am the oldest of four boys. My mothers side of the family had affiliation with the Reorganized Church generations before. All we knew growing up was that her grandparents were RLDS. The Lord in his infinite wisdom, I believe, gathered our family to Missouri to restore that heritage. Undoubtedly, it was the prayers of our fathers on behalf of their seed that led to this restoration. Anyway, our family came to Missouri in search for work. We stayed with some relatives while my father sought employment. He was a sheet metal worker and after a few odd jobs was finally hired by Allis-Chalmers located in Independence, Missouri. We then moved to a home North of Grain Valley, Missouri. The Lord had placed our family in the heart of a community of Saints. My father soon met a man at Allis-Chalmers who lived approximately 1 1/2 miles from our home. His name was Glen Lambkin and he was an Elder in the RLDS Church and our families began what has become a lifelong friendship. My father was an abusive alcoholic who was very antagonistic towards the Church. He had somewhat of a Catholic background, but told us our whole lives that the “Mormons” and the “Book of Mormon” was of the devil. Needless to say, we were not raised in a very godly environment. The home that we lived in was the source of much ridicule during my youth. It was an old run down shack that had two bedrooms. The roof leaked in all the rooms except for two (the living room and one bedroom) and during the winter we all sleep in the living room huddled around two carosine heaters. Our home had no indoor plumbing and we hauled water in gallon jugs from the Lambkins home. We never knew the comforts that so many that we came into contact with seemed to take for granted. As a result, we grew up under a cloud of shame and persecution. We had a constant war in our home concerning the Church. Many of those good saints around us extended themselves to our family in sacrificial ways. My mother always tried to get us out of the home because of the abuse. Whenever an opportunity arose for us to go and work for the saints she jumped at the opportunity. We as a consequence labored on the farms of many of the saints. They in turn would buy us clothes, shoes, pay for Boy Scout camps, etc… They were very careful not to send us home with cash as it would be spent to medicate my father. My mother experienced much grief of soul for allowing us to go and fellowship with the saints. I remember all to well the wicked spirits that had possession of my father during times of drunkenness which would mock and ridicule the Book of Mormon and the Church. Yet we saw the example of the Saints. Growing up this was the constant controversy in our home. While I attended Church it was more of an escape that out of a desire for a relationship with Christ. I however, “followed in the tradition” of my father. I began experimenting with drugs at the age of 12 or 13 and was allowed to smoke as long as I supplied my own cigarettes. My heart was very hardened and my soul was full of anger at the world. I used to get into many fights at school and actually has to sit the last 3 months of my 5th grade year in the principles office for trying to attack a fellow student with a baseball bat. Struggles at home with my father caused me to leave home at the age of 15 to live with a man named John Carson. He had a farm in Oak Grove that I had worked on and he had just recently left Drumm Farm and had several boys from that institution who also went to stay on his farm to work. My mother saw this as a way to help me to change my life. The seeds however had already been sown. I continued in rebellion against my God and all his authorities. My use of alcohol and drugs continued to escalate. My involvement with the occult also began to increase with role-playing games, Ouija boards, Satanic bible, etc…I became very heavily involved with Heavy Metal music and they became my idols. They were living the life that I wanted to live. “Do what thou wilt.” I wanted to be my own God and sought for many fleshly pleasures which nearly destroyed my soul. Eventually, John asked me to leave his home and I moved in with some liked minded fellows. By the time I was seventeen I had done about every kind of drug imaginable. I would always rationalize and justify myself. I would excuse my sin. By nineteen I was living out of my car dealing drugs. I was very addicted to methamphetamines and was doing this intravenously. My life was being destroyed. I was stealing to feed myself and support my habits. Satan was exercising great power over me because of my rebellions. I had many warrants out for my arrest, I weighed about 98 pounds because of the drug use and I was lying in bed one night and said to myself, “Mike you can’t go on like this.” The next day I went down to the Army recruiters station and he must have said to himself, “Look what the cat dragged in.” There I was, 98 pounds, hair down to my waist, tattoos, and wearing tiger striped spandex pants asking to join the military. I thought that this would get me out of my legal troubles. This however was not the case, he really didn’t give me much of a chance to score high enough on the ASVAB testing or to pass a drug screen. I scored very high on the entrance examine and after of month of cleansing my system passed my physical. I thought if I could just escape from the environment, all my drug friends, ect… that I would be better off. If I could just go to a far away place, surely all my troubles would end. I got stationed in Hawaii. That ought to be far enough away, a new start…only one thing was a problem…Mike was going with me. I was the problem. My drug usage stopped for the first two years of my stay in the military but I turned to what I call “suicide drinking.’ I had many altercations in the military and the MP’s knew me by name. I had many drinking related incidents which finally came to a head when one day during a drunken rampage I assaulted a Lt. Colonel on base. I woke up in the hospital in very dire straits. The only thing that saved me was that my entire chain of command went to bat for me during my summary court marshal proceedings and said, “This is the best soldier we have, he just has a drinking problem.” With that the sentence was suspended and I was sent to Alcohol and Drug rehab a Tripler Army Medical Center. I was there for about 2 1/2 months. It was while I was there, in a protected environment, that for the first time I learned some things about myself. Much of the shame of my youth was confessed and I was going to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. This was a step. The Lord was allowing me to grow grace by grace. Unfortunately, I didn’t hearken to their counsel. I wanted to hang out with my old friends and not make the necessary changes in my life. And after a time, this dog returned to his vomit. After I turned back to my old ways, I became more hardened in my sin. There eventually was another incident and I was discharged from the Military. I came back home and continued in the ways of rebellion against God. I spent my times at bars, rock concerts, etc… This above is an abridged version of my background and It is shared not to glory in my sin, God forbid. But to give you some idea of the hole that Christ pulled me out of. I hope that nothing shared thus far has offended, I have had your sensibilities in mind and would not want to in anyway glory in my wickedness. Now for the good part. About this time, I found myself in a mighty wrestle before the Lord. And now I will tell you of the wrestle which I had before God before I received a remission of my sins. Deep down, the spirit was pricking me to make changes. My flesh was weak and I had exercised my agency in such ways that I had forfeit it in many areas, I had lost the power to choose against certain sin. A series of events and discussions with some people in the church led me to start researching the New Age Movement. I began to study the New Age agenda and began to be concerned in my heart. I was trying to stop drinking and smoking and there were many doubts in my mind concerning the research that I was engaged in. Like Alma, I had “to know these things for myself” and I asked my younger brother what is fasting? He said that it is when you give up food or something that covet and seek the Lord. This was on a Thursday evening in 1992 and I purposed in my heart to fast from food and television that entire weekend and seek God to find out if what I was reading was true. This was done in secret and as you will see the Lord rewarded me openly. I also put down the cigarettes. First, let me state that I was an avid sports fan and this just happened to be the weekend of the NCAA Basketball tournament. This may not seem like much of a sacrifice, but I had never fasted from food before and I worshipped sports and the television set. The cigarettes had me truly in bondage. The book that I was currently reading was titled, “Mystery Mark of the New Age,” by Texxe Mars. I began my fast the next day, Friday. I fasted all that day and when I went home that night I began to study earnestly. I had a KJV of the Bible that I was looking up references in. My father passed out, my mother went off to bed, and my brother went to work. I was all alone in the bedroom. Alyce Lambkin had been one of the saints that I had consulted and she gave me an Old Missionary copy of the Book of Mormon to read. I hadn’t read it and was leery of it considering the brainwashing of my youth by my father. I had been studying for a couple of hours and all of the sudden I heard my dog start barking outside. The next thing that happened I can only attempt to convey with words that are most inadequate. I sensed the presence of an evil spirit come into the room. I had given my life over to wicked spirits all my days, but for the first time I sensed a presence outside of myself. The next thing that happened was that the evil spirit came upon me, and I had a total revelation of Satan’s intense hatred for me and his desire to see me miserable like he is miserable. I have never known fear like I did when that spirit seized upon me. I rolled off of the bed and hit the floor praying. I don’t know how long I prayed, but I poured my soul out to God for the first time in my entire life. I begged and pleaded with him for deliverance from this spirit which was upon me. I was so fearful that I dared not even open my eyes but continued in prayer and supplication before God for my souls salvation. If you were a fly on the wall, you would have thought that I was a blubbering idiot. Soon the spirit began to lift, and when I finally gained the courage to open my eyes [I was afraid of what I might see] the Spirit of God descended upon me and filled my entire being. And immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood. My chest felt like it was sticking out three feet in front of me, and my bosom was full. And I had the revelation of Jesus Christ. A total revelation of his love for me and desire to see me reclaimed into the kingdom of God. The spirit was upon me in mighty power, even unto the consuming of my flesh. For the first time in my life, I knew that God was and is. And there was no Mike there, I was caught up into his presence and I could exclaim even as Moses did when he was caught up into an exceeding high mountain into the presence of God what he declared in Section 22, “And for this cause, I know that man is nothing, Which thing I had never supposed.” And I knew that Mike was nothing, which thing I had never supposed. For I had walked all of my days in the pride of my heart. I was lifted up and in this moment I was abased and brought low. And I was weeping in the Joy of the Lord and his spirit was upon me. Now I’ve stuck every drug into my body in every way possible and nothing could compare to being in the presence of God. The spirit was leading me to the scriptures, and my first inclination was to grab that KJV of the Bible. With his spirit on me I began to frantically search through it and was asking the Lord, what do you want to show me? His spirit was more that I could bear and I looked over, and on the top of my bed was that Book of Mormon that Alyce had given me to read. I reached out and grabbed that book and looked in the beginning and it had a suggested reading style. It had topics with page numbers and verses to read. As I scanned down the page I saw the phrase, “How to attain faith” and it told me what page to turn to and what verse to begin reading at. I now know that it was Mormon’s epistle to his son Moroni as found in the seventh chapter of Moroni starting in verse 20. I quickly under the influence of the spirit turned to that page and as I scanned down that page, when I got to verse 20 the spirit magnified a hundredfold and the Lord began to speak to me in an audible voice, “And now I come to that faith of which I said I would speak, And I will tell you the way whereby you may lay hold of every good thing….” and the Lord spoke to me verses 20 through 53. Of course, this ended with his great discourse on charity. And as soon as he spoke the last words of verse 53 the spirit fled, and I cried out “NO!” because I didn’t want to be out of his presence. I wondered if I had done something. I quickly highlighted what he spoke to me and my heart was pounding in my chest and I had to tell someone. It was about 2 A.M. so I just laid there and contemplated what had transpired. Now I believe that the Lord allowed that spirit of the adversary to come upon me so that I might know what it is like to be left without his spirit. I was totally given over to that spirit and all I could do was cry out for deliverance. Now if you would have been in the room, I don’t know if you would have heard his voice, but I did and it did shake me to the very center. You might have well been like Paul’s friends on the road to Damascus who saw the light, but didn’t hear the voice (Acts 9). He expounded unto me Gospel from the beginning, from his own mouth he declared it unto me. This is the revelation of Jesus Christ. ” And I certify unto you, brethren, that the gospel…for I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (Gal 1:11-12) Arthur Oakman used to say that “one word spoken into your soul from the lips of Jesus Christ has the power to create his image in you.” I finally drifted off to sleep about two hours later and as soon as my brother got home I woke him up and shared my experience of the night before. All was not done yet, for I continued on my course on Saturday. Fasting and Study to know the truth. Saturday night rolled around and I found myself alone again. I was reading the same book, “Mystery Mark of the New Age” and all of the sudden I felt that same evil presence come into the room. I was again fearful, for I remembered what had happened the night before when if seized upon me. I immediately began to pray unto the Lord for protection. I prayed that he might send his angels to stand guard about me that I might know of Satan’s wicked designs in these the last days. I was given an assurance by the spirit, that what God wanted to transpire would not be interrupted by Satan. As soon as that assurance came, Satan spoke to my mind in an audible voice and said, “WELL AT LEAST I’VE GOT YOUR FATHER” and I cried out in my soul “NOooooo!” And as soon as I cried out the Spirit of God descended upon me in great power like it had the night before and I was again caught up into his presence and he was leading me again to the scriptures. This time my first response was to grab that Book of Mormon, and I went to the second set of references and it directed me to turn to this page and begin reading on such and such verse. I now know it to be Alma 16:138 and as soon as I got to verse 138, the spirit magnified again a hundredfold and the Lord began to speak unto me again in an audible voice, “Or rather in other words [Mike if you don’t believe what I said last night let me state it this way] Blessed is he that believeth in the word of God and is baptized without stubbornness of heart, Yea without being brought to know the word or even compelled before they will believe….” and the Lord spoke to me the entire Parable of the Seed as found in Alma 16:138-173. In particular, when he spoke to me verse 154 about swelling motions of the spirit in your breast…the spirit began to swell back and forth in my bosom. As soon as he finished speaking verse 173 the spirit fled again just as before. Praise be to God, that by the power of his spirit he has wrought a mighty change in me and in my heart that I have no disposition to do evil, but to do good continually. Yea, I have been crucified with Christ; yet I live, yet not I but Christ liveth in me. From that time forth, he took all the desires for drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. He took a man of unclean lips and has made him to shout praises to the holy one of Israel. Oh, the power of his deliverance. I was the most vilest of sinners, yet in his great mercy he reached down and delivered me from the darkest abyss and now I have beheld the marvelous light of God. To him be all the praise, honor, and glory. It is the mighty work which he hath done. For I had to be compelled to be humble and my sins have left there mark upon me today. For the next few weeks, I feasted on the Book of Mormon and the Lord was with me in power revealing things to me about that record that a babe like me has only recently come to realize. His spirit was upon me for about three months after this experience. I would not even get into a car with the radio on it was so offensive to the spirit (some Christian stations) and I could not endure the presence of a television with all its folly and worldly wisdom. Only in his word did I find joy and peace. I share this not to lift myself above any, for among sinners I have been chief. I only share this to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. I believe in a God of miracles who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. My faith was truly as the grain of a mustard seed, yet he was mighty to save. The Lord gathered our family here (Missouri) to receive that which had been lost. We found out years later that our family (on my mothers side) has a deep heritage in the Church. My great-great grandfather was E.E. Long who from what I understand spent most of his life on the Indian reservation as a missionary. The Lord is truly an awesome God. This is a brief testimony that covers all the major events of my conversion to Christ. With my upbringing, the Lord had to give me a testimony of the Book of Mormon or I would have never believed. When God tells you something, you really don’t care what men say. My testimony is that Christ lives for I have heard his voice. The work commenced through the prophet Joseph Smith is true. The Book of Mormon is of God and that Zion will be! Your Friend, Mike Sanders

Derek S ( 16/6/2001 02:37 )
From California
Comments I thought this was a cool idea; I was just baptized last Dec 10, the only reason i was baptized was because i knew that i was joining the true church of Jesus Christ; for the spirit truly testified it unto me. I am so thankful for the church, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Richard Tomshack ( 24/7/2001 13:43 )
From South Dakota
Comments Dear Brothers & Sisters, I want you to know how much I love this Church and the Lord. I know for a fact that this church is true. That Joseph Smith was indeed called by Heavenly Father to be a Prophet in this dispensation. I know that it was by his faithfulness to Heavenly Fathers commandments he was able to translate the Book of Mormon from the Golden Plates. I know that he did talk directly to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I testify that the Priesthood keys that were conferred onto him are held today by a living Prophet in Gordon B. Hinckley. I testify to you that if we simply obey Heavenly Fathers commandments, we can be a eternal family and occupy one of the mansions that he has prepared for us in his kingdom. I know that doing these things that we will be standing on the Right Hand of His throne with all our family members. I end this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

marek ( 2/11/2001 00:53 )
From Poland
Comments witam bardzo serdecznie i przepraszam ze nie pisze po angielsku ale nie potrafie. odwiedzilem te strone przez przypadek no moze nietak do konca bo jestem czlonkiem tego kosciola od 19.10.01 . i wiem ze jestem szczesliwy ze odnalazlem w sercu i w moim zyciu naszego pana jezusa chrystusa i prawde o nim. mam nadzieje ze jako nowy czlonek kosciola bedzie mnie obdarzal wieloma laskami. pragne zostawic te slowa z wami w imie jezusa chrystusa amen.

Yolanda ( 5/1/2002 12:09 )
From England
Comments gaining understanding and knowledge about many topics including searching scriptures and evidence that backs them up, also diversity of people, languages, the make up of the planet, etc etc I just love learning! When I came across this site I naturally wanted to bear my testimony. I think that everyone who has been touched by the spirit of the Lord would want to do the same. If anyone out there is being challenged i.e. weak in their testimony or afraid to join the Church, take this as an opportunity to find out if the church is true. I am LDS – a convert of 17 years and only member in my family. I am grateful for the tough time I had when being taught the gospel. It wasn’t the missionaries that gave me the tough time – it was the world and his friend. I seemed to be blessed with curiosity and instead of believing every anti Mormon literature/tv program/lie/slander/misinterpretation/hoards of Baptists, born agains, Catholics and Church of England people sharing antimormon views with me (including bursting into my home and screaming damnation upon the elders teaching me – which elders took it all in their stride and calmly carried on teaching me without allowing themselves to get involved in arguing.) Instead of allowing myself to be frightened off by all these distractions, I found myself needing to find answers. The missionaries were teaching me – and to be honest, to begin with I listened to them in jest, not really serious at all, but as I tuned into their messages it was like a jigsaw fitting together. The message they shared clicked in place, like my spirit being reunited with truth it already knew. All the anti stuff thrown at me encouraged me to really search my scriptures – from the view points of the anti-Mormons, and the teachings of the Elders. Prayer also helped. I searched the Bible and I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon. I prayed about Joseph Smith, I prayed about the Book of Mormon, I prayed for help and enlightenment. I visited the Church, the people were wonderful. The whole atmosphere was warm, I felt warm in my heart – as I had done as I prayed and as I had read and searched and cross-referenced scripture. Each trial I had caused me to be sad in my heart and caused me to get on my knees and receive comfort from my loving Heavenly Father and determination to know truth from fiction. I believe if I had had things easy, I could have been rocked from the gospel. Because I had so much opposition from family, friends, acquaintances and complete strangers it made me strong. It made me find out for myself what the gospel of Jesus Christ was all about. For the first time I really studied what was actually in the Bible, and I compared its teachings to that of the Elders and the Book of Mormon. Time and time again I was amazed how different the Christian churches in the world were from the actual teachings in the Bible. Like chalk and cheese. Many scriptures I came across were very interesting and profound, having great meaning – which the LDS Missionaries were able to explain, but none of the other Christian people could – almost pretending that the particular scripture verses didn’t exist. I was fortunate to have a ‘bornagain’ neighbor who was a spiritualist. She insisted on being in on my discussions to protect me. She thought she knew her scriptures, and tried to dispute every teaching shared. No matter how much she searched her scriptures to dispute the elders, after hours of searching till the early hours, she discovered that she could not back up her own teachings and most of all, could not dispute their teachings. Instead a study of the Bible highlighted how much the LDS church contains the teachings of the Bible more than any other religion that calls itself Christian! Anyone unsure of that statement would do well to research the history of all Christian Churches, and compare them with the Bible. It also helps if you realize that God is real – not a gimmick, or a genie looking over a goldfish bowl, but a real being that hears you when you pray, loves you unconditionally, knows you better than you know yourself, and if you believed in yourself and had faith in him and Jesus Christ, anything that you desired (that is right for you to have or do or receive) would be answered – whether to gain more understanding of a scripture you read, or to know the words to say to someone you have offended, or to ask for a miracle of some kind – it will happen. All things that edify come from God. My testimony is solid. I may let myself down by not being perfect, but I have discovered for my answers. Every problem has a solution. If you want to be closer to God, stop doing things that you know are not right. you’ll feel better about yourself and more able to come before God in prayer to ask for his help. Even if you feel too bad about yourself to pray, He loves you more than you realize and is just waiting to hear from you. Tell him you need help. Set aside some time away from the television, where you can have some peace. Maybe write down how you are feeling and the questions you have. Try a small prayer if you are not used to praying, ask for help and to know that he loves you. Have the scriptures nearby, open them up and read a few passages. The scriptures have a very calming influence and can help you tune into the Spirit. If you want to know if the church is true, ask – is it true. If you asked sincerely you will most likely feel peaceful, even maybe a ‘yes it is’ or even a warm feeling come over you. When you receive these feelings, you will know that it is true. The same goes for the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith etc etc. This is how you receive your testimony – it is not in the words of others, but the testimony you receive as you pray. Once you have received your witness, you need to remember how you felt as you prayed. The opposition is not going to sit back and let you enjoy your testimony, he will test it all the time – trying to rock it for you. Now God doesn’t change, he is not going to tell you one day it is true, then another it is not, so when you start doubting after you have received a positive answer to prayer, remember the first experience you had and do not be deceived i.e. if you prayed as to whether God lives, and you received a warm feeling – that’s the Holy ghost testifying to you that it is true – God lives. If you have bouts of doubt, it’s the opposition working on you to see what you are made of. Take no notice, instead of letting the doubt grow, say a pray instead and ponder all the blessings you have been blessed with and thank God for all you have. Heavenly Father is only a prayer away and he doesn’t bite. However much patience we have with other people or even our own children, his patience is far greater and far more compassionate. He is for you, not against you. Satan will try to make you believe that you are too unworthy and that you’ll never be fit to make it to heaven – don’t let him win you over. Be strong. Depression and low esteem is his tool – just remember that Heavenly Father loves us no matter how unworthy we feel, and he appreciates every single effort we make. There have been times that I have felt so unworthy and miserable thinking how awful I am, and would receive a priesthood blessing afraid of hearing words of condemnation and confirmation that I am unworthy, only to hear words of pure love and praise for the person I was and how much my efforts were appreciated. It is then that I realize my feelings of despair come from the opposition. It is important when this happens, that you pray hard and you will receive warmth and comfort that you are precious, and greatly loved. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. As long as we keep trying, God recognizes our efforts and will bless us. If we try to keep his commandments, the windows of heaven will be open and we will receive more help and blessings than we can find words to say thank you for. Sorry I have gone on and on – somehow I just wanted to get these messages across. I hope it may help somebody. I have a tremendous testimony. I know that God lives, I know that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth to prepare us for the return of Jesus Christ, I also believe in the Holy Ghost and that he testifies to us of truth. I am glad for the prophets who took the time to record revelation, I love the Bible and I love the Book of Mormon and revelation revealed by Latter-day prophets. I have no doubts about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. I believe in the power of the Holy Ghost and I believe in answer to prayer. All prayers concerning membership in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bringing me nothing but positive and affirmative answers that it is true, God lives, Jesus lives, the gospel has been restored, Joseph Smith’s testimony is true, the Book of Mormon is true, the gospel is true!!!!!!! Nothing could be more wonderful than the pure joy of knowing these things are true! If you love truth, you will be forever learning it! God bless you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Timothy R Thompson ( 31/3/2002 23:21 )
Comments As you can see I have my own Testimony Board set up since the year 2000. It is good to see that I am not the only one who has create a place that people can share their testimony. We are so bless to be a part of the church and it is nice to see there are members doing good things on the WWW. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Timothy Thompson

Nicola ( 30/5/2002 01:55 )
From Poland
Comments Od 3 lat z powodu przeprowadzki mam nikly kontekt z kosciolem. Jednakze chce napisac, ze ten kosciol jest wspanialy i czuc w nim Ducha Swietego. Niech Pan prowadzi wszystkich czlonkow i blogoslawi Prorokow. I niech Duch Pana ze mna pozostanie. W imie Jezusa Chrystusa Amen

Christina ( 15/6/2002 17:18 )
From New Zealand
Comments I have a testimony of repentance, I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father for his unconditional love. I am so thankful that he sacrificed his only begotten son Jesus Christ to Atone for our sins I don’t think that the phrase ” It is never too late ” can ever be said enough it is so comforting to know that no matter who we are or what we do there is always a way back.

Angelina Henandez Gibson ( 21/6/2002 16:28 )
From Oregon
Comments I have been a member of the church for almost 3yrs now. I feel very blessed to be a part of the LDS church. If it wasn’t for a former friend of mine I wouldn’t be a proud member. I am so grateful for John Gallegos for giving me hope and life. I wish to thank all my friends and family for supporting me through my hard times. Most of all I would like to thank of Lord and savior for dying for all of my sins. I know the Book of Mormon is true and am very grateful for it. I know this church is true and I am very honored to be a part of it. I say these things in Jesus name Amen.

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