Wheat Berry Cereal

This recipe is from my wife.

If you don’t have access to a grinder to crack wheat for cereal, you can cook the wheat kernels (in my family, we call them “wheat berries”).

  • Boil several cups of wheat kernels for about 45 minutes. Vary the cooking time depending on how soft you want the berries.
  • Drain and store in your refrigerator.

To use, heat a bowl of berries in your microwave oven. Add raisins, nuts, oatmeal, fruit, etc. for variety. Enjoy!

Wheat Berries  Cereal

5 Responses to Wheat Berry Cereal

  1. asthefrogboils says:

    since you are talking about healthy eating here, look up the dangers of microwave cooking and what it does to food, namely changing the structure of the food and creating free radicals and the microwave turns food into carcinegons (cancer causing) best just to cook and boil on an open firee, healthier, otherwise good recipes.

    • Allen says:

      Hi asthefrogboils,

      Thanks for your caution about possible dangers of microwave cooking. I’ve heard your concerns from others, and I’m trying to get more information about this from reputable websites, such as scientific reports from researchers, government sites, etc.

  2. wwer says:

    With microwave cooking, the microwaves stop after one minute. So cook your food, then set the timer for one minute. Once the timer has rang then it is safe to eat you food. Be careful though it might be hot.

    • Allen says:

      Thanks, wwer, for your reply. I wasn’t familiar with the need to let microwave-cooked food stand for a minute after the machine is turned off, so I used Google to get more information about this.

      The phrase “standing time” is used to refer to the time after the machine is turned off. When the machine is on, the microwaves cause molecules of food to vibrate, and that vibration causes the heat that cooks the food. When the machine is turned off, the microwaves themselves go away, but the molecules of food are still vibrating, and it takes a few seconds (up to a minute) for the molecules to become stationary. This additional vibration can cause the temperature in the food to increase a few degrees. Thus, allowing standing time before the food is consumed reduces the risk that one might be burned while eating the food.

  3. Barbara says:

    Place a cup of wheat in a thermos. Cover with boiting water. Seal. After several hours, open the thermos. The wheat is cooked and ready to go. Use as a cereal with fruit, honey/cream, add to a salad, or top with butter/olive oil and garlic [or other herbs] in place of rice or potatoes. Don’t be afraid to try new things with wheat. It is good, good for you and inexpensive.

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