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and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:15)

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M ( 11/8/2003 14:28 )

Comments I really like this site a lot, I just found it tonight and I love to read these testimonies! I was just baptized into this Church about 8 months ago, and the decision to do that was tough. I went through a lot of thinking and a lot of frustration. It is sort of an interesting story, but not that interesting, so I will spare you the long details! But I wanted to say that, recently I was working on the Young Womens Personal Progress program, my ward shortened it down for me so I could finish it, and I had just finished and was supposed to write my testimony on the few blank pages left in the back of the book. It kind of hit me then how much of a stronger testimony I had actually gained from working on this, even if it seemed sort of pointless and repetitive while I was doing it. To sum up most of it, there is a quote that says something to the effect of “If we only wanted to be happy, life would be simple. But we always want to be happier then someone else, and that is hard because we think they are happier than they actually are.” That used to sum up my life extremely well. And lately I’ve just realized how things have changed. My friends used to always tell me, the gospel brings peace, the gospel brings happiness, an I was like well how could you know, you’ve never been on the other side of it, I’m happy now. But I realize now what they mean. I no longer want to be happier than someone else. Im sure at least partially because I realize how many wonderful blessings I have. I am just so happy being me, and so happy to be alive. I am excited to live each day, to live the rest of my life. Im excited to find out what tomorrow is like. And if it’s a bad day, that’s okay. Because what’s one bad day compared to an eternity of happiness? I hope you all realize this as much as I do, because I wish I had realized it a long time ago!

Patrice Batts ( 10/12/2003 01:16 )

Comments I believe that the mormon church is awesome. i’ve been to many other churches and i found that they are nicer and more welcoming than there. i was an inactive mormon for 4 years, then i started back about 5 or 6 months ago and have found that i will never go astray from this church again. right now i am a counselor in the laural presidency and i think it’s super. I LOVE THE MORMON CHURCH ! go and you will see the difference in the way you are treated.

Jane Barrett ( 12/12/2003 06:08 )

From Utah
Comments Has anybody read “Systemic Parenting: An Exploration of the Parenting Big Picture”? I had my first child when I was 18. I thought I was prepared. Now after have three I was certain I knew what I was doing. However, number 3 was a handful. My sister gave me a copy of Mark Gaskill’s book (he’s a family therapist). I could not put it down. This guy seems to know his stuff pretty well. Everyday I look at my children I want to call my sister and thank her for giving me this book. This is one of three books I plan to give to my kids when they get a bit older. Jane Barrett

vicki ( 27/12/2003 10:35 )

From Texas
Comments Hi my name is vicki i am from greenville texas i am 15 …well i don’t know what this site is about but i would not mind sharing my all started when i was *-months ol my dad died he had shot himself he was tired of living….well that is all i remember from then ….then wehn i grew up i was in the third grade my mom brother and most of my family was on drugs so i got to do what i want to because my mom did not watch me or anything well……after a while we had became homeless lived in a car until my brother helped us get a apartment we lived there then we moved to sulpur springs but during this time my mom was dating all kinds of different guys so i really didnt know who my dad was but when we moved to sulphur springs my mom was off drugs but my brother wass still doing drugs but he had got busted and went to jail it was kinda hard because my brother was like th opnly one thta iu considered a fatherly figure i loved my brother (well to make a long stroy short)my brother had got saved in that rehab and waqs living a christian life he has been saved for 4 years now and is married and has a 5 month old little boy so he is doing really good but why my brother was messed up i had gone into rebellion i dint care about life i was cusing my mom yelling at her raising kifes at her AND CUTTING ON MYSELF I WAS JUST NOT A HAPPY PERSON I WAS ON PROBATION FOR 6 MONTHS FORhurting my mom or trying to i was in jdc for about 3 times and finally my brother had find ouyt what was going on and he found this place called Holy Highway Christian Girls HOme the best place you can ever go u might not wanbt to go there at first but it will chage your life i have been saved april17 2001 and got baptized june or july and now god is all that i am trying to live for he is so awesome he is all you need i have found so muich joy in him you just want believe my mom has been cleaned for 5years my brother for 4 i have have been a christian for 8 months it has been the best 8 months of my life just want you to know jesus isall you need he will save you and you can go live eternity with him well that is my testinony the lord is awesome just sevr him …..god belss merry christmas happy birthday jesus

Alan ( 29/12/2003 01:19 )

From Singapore
Comments THE SONGS OF TEN VIRTUES 1. Filial Piety The first virtue is filial piety. The bounties bestowed by parents are as great as the mountain. We should there fore take care of them day and night. And the most important thing of all is to make them happy. 2. Brotherly Love The second virtue is called brotherly love. Brothers and sisters should live in harmony. They should always consult each other and also encourage each other. And we also must treat our friends and relatives like our own brothers. 3. Loyalty The third virtue is loyalty. We should love our people and our country. We must be conscientious in performing our duties. Let us build a strong and prosperous nation. 4. Sincerity The fourth virtue is known as sincerity. Deal with others with sincerity. What has been promised must always be kept. A promise is worth a thousand pieces of gold. 5. Courtesy The fifth virtue is courtesy. Protecting the young and respecting the aged in an expression of courtesy. Be humble and respectful. Courtesy will please everybody. 6. Justice The sixth virtue is justice. Fairness and unselfishness are important. Help those in need; be generous in charity. Don’t be arrogant; don’t flatter those in authority; but just follow the truth. 7. Honesty The seventh virtue is honesty. Everyone should keep his heart pure, untarnished by material desire. Be pure; live a simple and pre life. Be satisfied with what we have and be as happy as immortals. 8. Sense Of Shame The eighth virtue is the sense of shame. Don’t be tempted by wealth and sex. Understand what is right and what is wrong. A gentleman will never feel ashamed to correct his mistake. 9. Humanity The ninth virtue is humanity. Respect the aged and be generous to the poor. Be careful of gifts from nature and always follow the path of humanity. Benevolence and universal love will always benefit the people. 10. Wisdom The tenth virtue is wisdom. Be interested in the current affairs and try to enrich your knowledge. Differentiate what is good and what is evil. EIGHT GOOD RULES 1. Don’t Cheat: Don’t Be False Say what you really mean. Truth must never be twisted. Words and deeds must never contradict each other. 2. Don’t Be Greedy: Don’t Be Preposterous Be always satisfied with what you have. A single greedy act will hurt justice. Preposterous act is the root of calamity. 3. Don’t Be Arrogant: Don’t Be Lazy Respect those with authority; be friendly to your subordinate. Be careful in your work. Pragmatism is the aim. 4. Don’t Grumble: Don’t Hate Others Life would be very carefree if we know how to forgive. Mutual hatred makes both parties miserable. With mutual hatred both would only suffer.

Michelle L. ( 12/1/2004 06:02 )

From USA
Comments I know there is a Heavenly Father who watches over me. I miss church, because I can not drive right now. I’ve been in and out of the hospital, and through a divorce. P Please pray for me, and endure through the end. Don’t forsake the Plan of Happiness.P You will have a relationship with your Heavenly Father, in this life or the next. P I will try not to be depressed, and keep in good spirit.

Jennifer Lynn ( 13/1/2004 05:06 )

From Utah
Comments I have a strong testimony of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don’t only believe it’s true, but I know that it’s true. I am so very thankful for our loving Father in Heaven who strives for us to return to Him again. I am SO thankful for the power of prayer. I know that each one of us have a direct line to heaven through prayer. I know that He hears and answers each one of our prayers. I know that the power of the priesthood is real. I know that if we just have faith and believe, anything can happen. I am so thankful that my dad, brothers, and boyfriend holds that special power. I know He loves and cares for each one of us, and that He will help us in any way that He can. I know that Gordon B. Hinkley is a true prophet of our Heavenly Father. I know that we must always listen to his counsel and make the proper actions because he directly communicates with our Heavenly Father. I know that Joseph Smith restored the gospel for us. If it wasn’t for him, we probably wouldn’t have the church upon the earth. I am so thankful for my family, and for all the many wonderful things they do for me. I’m thankful for my parents, and for the wonderful council and advice they give me. Without them, I would be lost. I am so thankful for my boyfriend Toby. He has done so much for me, and has made me a happier person. He is a good example to me, and I hope I can be more like him some day. He is wonderful. He has taken away my sorrows and depression. I am thankful for my wonderful friend and boss Robbin. She is an inspiration to me. She has done SO much for me and has brightened my life SO much. She has no clue. She has made me a happy person. I am SO blessed to raised with the gospel and to be surrounded by so many good people.

harry ( 18/1/2004 19:03 )

From Australia
Comments I want to share my testimony with everyone out there even though I am not yet a member of the LDS church. I will just copy down one piece of my journals here. Today (30-12-2003) I had my 4th meeting with the Mormon missionaries. Eledrs Aured & Allphin, a would be missionary called Justin. We started with a prayer. Then I asked two questions concerning Jesus’ teachings: 1. Do not resist evil; 2. Love your enemies. Two elders gave me some possible answers which I need to pursue further in the near future. I told them why I felt that what the book of Mormon said was true after reading through it. They seemed quite happy for me & somewhat a little astonished at the messages I chose & quoted from the Book of Mormon to support my conclusion. We made an arrangement for me to attend their Sunday service this comming Sunday & our next meeting. I have a feeling that I finally have found a religion I have been longing for. This journey started a few years back (1999) when two young missionaries knocked on my door with a Book of Mormon in their hands. For some reason I politely sent them away by pretending that I didn’t speak much English (I am an Chinese Australian). They said that They might try to find a Chinese copy for me. However they never came back. I soon regretted that I turned these two angel-like young missionaries away without knowing their holy book, their religion & their people while longing for a religion I could really belong to. Soon I found an one-room LDS bookstore at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, which was attended by a sister called Angus. she gave me a small book written by M. Ballard (“Our Search for Happiness”) without charge. I read through this book without delay & found what this book said was really pointed to my heart. Soon after I bought a second hand Book of Mormon but found it quite boring (I still don’t quite understand why I felt this way) after reading through first ten pages or so. Afterwords my attention turned to other religions. I read some materials on Judaism, Islam, Bahai, Buddhism, Seventg Day Adventist, Jehova’s Witness etc. I also met some very nice people from some of these beliefs. But none of them really convinced me that one of these religions was what I wanted. About a year ago, two young sister missionaries (Pacific Islanders?) came to my house. I simply sent tham away using the same excuse. When Elders Auphin & Wilson came to knock on my door on 5-12-2003, I tried to sent them away as well by pretending that I didn’t know much English. This time this trick didn’t work for me. They promised to bring in someone who spoke Chinese next week. I guess that I actually see a miracle at work when Elder Allphin introduced Elder Aured to me. Elder Aured looked so young and yet his pronounciation of Chinese was perfect which normally required years of hard labour. He spoke pretty well & knew some written Chinese words too. All this, to my understanding, came without much formal language training. Now I really wanted to find out what’s behind these clean, bright, well-mannered, highly motivated young men. I gladly received a new copy of the Book of Mormon and spent two weeks to read through it. I have found that the Book of Mormon not only reaffirmed the teachings of Jesus Christ but contained some other holy massages like the freedom to choose right or wrong, the importance of good works, why the child baptism is not on & so on. All these massages have answered the questions I’ve been pondering for a long time. I’m convinced that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, the church restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith is truly a church of God, after some prayings, much self study & discussions with Elders Allphin & Aured, to whom (and those four unknown missionaries & sister Angus of Brisbane) I’ll be forever grateful. I know that I still have so much to learn/ponder before committing myself to be a worthy member of this restored church. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Matt ( 20/1/2004 13:51 )

From Oregon
Comments Hey everyone, I just want to bear my testimony to you! Jesus Christ has done more than I could ever ask or imagine! He has been the best friend that I could ever have. There have been so many times that I’ve sinned and fallen so short, but Jesus is so faithful to pick me up, forgive me, and strengthen me again. I don’t know where I’d be without Christ. His love for me displayed by his sacrifice on the cross has made me to want to know him so much more and draw so much closer to him. I know that Jesus is the Savior of the world, I know that God’s word is true, and I know that God’s love does not depend on what I do or how good I am, but it is only because it is unconditional. I am so imperfect, but God is so good. He has chosen to bless me in so many ways, even when I didn’t deserve it. It would take a over a million lifetimes for me to give back to Christ all that he has given to me. I love you Jesus!

elijah ( 24/1/2004 11:06 )

From Philippines
Comments I know that here is really a powerful One over us.It is because He helped me during my exams and give the chance succeed! Thanks God for that and for all He has done unto my life!He wonderful and a merciful Father!!! So, never stop praising His Holy Name for He is worthy of it. Praise God!! Halleluiah!!

June Sparreboom ( 27/1/2004 08:54 )

Comments I am 75 years old and I have always believed that the Bible was the true word of our Saviour Jesus Christ I went to many church’s but found that I had not found the true church. When two Mormon Elders came to my door and gave me the Book of Mormon to read, I found it very hard at first. Then as I read, it was like a wonderful voyage of discovery. It is really the words of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I believe that Joseph Smith was chosen by God to restore the true church on earth today. I feel that the Latter Day Saints have a wonderful program of shareing and careing for each other. I feel blessed, and the young missionaries are an inspiriation to me. I would like to add my testmony to your page.I love the Book of Mormon and at last I feel I have come home. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

wincy zhang ( 1/2/2004 14:38 )

From China
Comments I love this church.I knew The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints through my homestay parents.They are the memebers of the church.I realized how wonderful the church is from them.I went to the church with them on the first Sunday I arrived in Australia,then I keep going to church.I like to be in the church and I’m very happy for that:Everyone is friendly and kind to me,they make me feel I am at home.I learnt the knowledge of the gospel and the church from the missionaries and I like to know more about the church and the gospel.I’m think about getting baptized,but because I’m a chinese my family members don’t agree with me.I hope my family can understand this and agree with me.I know the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is the only living true on the earth and I know Jesus Christ is our Savior.I love this church & I will love it forever!!!

mike ( 13/2/2004 06:49 )

Comments UNCONDITIONAL LOVE My name is Mike and I am currently 31 years young. I have a tremendous wife named Elisabeth and a precious little boy named Christian. I am a social worker with a bachelor’s degree. I also do quite a bit of both essay and poetry writing on the side, and have even been published at times. I am considering going back to school to get my masters degree in something like Christian Pastoral Counseling. The reason I may go back to school for this is because I love God for continuing to love me, despite all the heartache I’ve caused Him. This has me yearning to do whatever I can to help everyone else He loves as well, despite the same fact. I know His love for all of us is true because I’ve been a Christian for about twelve years now, but have only been truly living my life for God for about a year of it. I was born the product of a rape situation. I never really knew much about the situation until recently. Even now, I still don’t know the whole true story. My family dealt with it the best they knew how, given the situation. They decided the best thing to do was to just forget about it and simply move on. This decision they made would have a tremendous impact on decisions I would make most of my life. Their decision to basically, “sweep it under the rug,” is the kind of environment I grew up in. My parents were very moral and loving people. Some subjects were taboo to talk about though, and my past was one of them. This silence about my past sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. It led me to become shameful of a past so hideous that it couldn’t be spoke of, resentful for not knowing the truth, angry for receiving no comfort in it all, and angry at my parents for letting me down in all these areas. I then generalized this anger I had towards my parents, on any authority figure I encountered in my life. I adopted the philosophy that if no authority figure could provide me comfort with what I was dealing with, then I refused to let them tell me anything else. I love my parents and because they were both moral and loving in raising me, my feelings were obviously not accurate. As both God and my current wife have confirmed for me though, my feelings were still very real as it was this attitude of rebellion that I carried with me in life. I joined the military for about ten years. This is how I got introduced to the, “real world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” Knowing my parents would disapprove of me participating in it all, I welcomed it with open arms. I was in the army for about two years and then the National Guard for about eight. When I got out the army and entered college, my rebelliousness had toned down a bit. It was during this time in my life that I even made the decision to accept Christ in my life. I still didn’t really know though, who I was or why I was alive. Due to this, I decided that this was as good as life gets so I’ll just go with the flow. And that is exactly what I did. I continued to serve in the National Guard, got married, graduated college, and had a child. My dad, who was also a Christian and plagued with chronic illnesses, due to a history of both drinking and smoking, passed away during this time. He died right in my arms as I was attempting CPR on him. Overall, everything was going okay in my life. I still felt though, like I was simply existing in life and not living it. This feeling eventually resulted in me leaving the National Guard, having an affair, and eventually getting a divorce. One day I was reflecting on all that had happened in my life. I then broke down and cried. I asked God to forgive me for all I had done wrong and I believe He did. A short time thereafter, I met someone new and got remarried. It was during this second marriage that I gained custody of my son. I also discovered my wife had an alcohol problem and we ended up battling over that. The battle ended with me coming home one day and finding her dead in the bathroom. I don’t know why, but it was at that moment that I relied on God to get me through it all, in a way that I never had before, and I’ve never been the same since. I had just gone through a custody battle over my son and a nasty verbal battle with my mom. Now I had lost my wife in a battle with alcoholism. I remember feeling as if I had lost so much. For the first time in my life though, I had a comfort and peace about me that I had never felt before. It was at that moment that I finally realized who I am and why I am living. I am someone that God loves so much, that He chose me to be here. Despite all the shame, resentment, anger, and rebellion I put Him through, as well as others He loves just as much, He still loves me enough to comfort me in this time of need. The only thing He wants from me is the only thing I can offer Him, and that is to love Him back. To love Him and everyone else He created just as much as He loves all of us. I found myself saying to Him exactly what Job said to Him, in the Bible, when Job felt he had lost it all and questioned God about why it all happened. God gave Job a lesson and answer about, “tough love,” to which Job finally replied, “I have heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes. I take back everything I said, and sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance.”(Job 42:5-6) It was through this that Job’s life was better than it ever was, just as mine now is also. I still don’t completely understand why I had to go through all I went through to get to where I am now. I have confidence in God though, that it was necessary in getting me here. God loves me despite everything I’ve done. He will continue to love me despite all the frustration I will continue to bring Him. And He will help me through all the tough times I will face in the future as well. I don’t really understand why, but that’s what makes Him God and me, me, and I’m just glad that it’s true.

Ricky ( 26/2/2004 06:15 )

Comments There is a purple ribbon project that was started in the heavens that is becoming highly commendable. Light poles, trees and churches are being decorated with these purple ribbons. The purple ribbons represent the glorious return of Jesus Christ. The second advent of Christ will be the most wonderful event the world has ever experienced….Please note that a similar purple ribbon campaign was started in Desert Storm which regard our American soldiers for their safety and safe return home. Purple ribbons are becoming highly commendable today and it would be great to implement both the Return of Christ and our American soldiers with the purple ribbon campaign!

Lindsey Carter ( 7/3/2004 14:10 )

From Nevada
Comments Hi I am Lindsey Carter and I am 18 and I am from Las Vegas and I love the church I have had a Firm testimony of the Gospel I was raised in the church for 18 years when I turned 16 my choices were not all the right choices and I had some bad choices then one summer that all changed my real friends helped me during a real hard time in my life and ever since I still have these friends and thats when I recognized who I was and what I believed in and I am a young women and that I have friends who love me and look after me I had a death in the family and my friends helped me through the rough times in my life and now I know where to turn in is prayer and the scriptures and sometimes even if I am negative I turn positive and I am better now. well just thought to beary my testimony that I know this gospel was meant for me in my life and I say these things in the name of jesus christ amen.

judi shirley ( 15/3/2004 16:58 )

From Arizona
Comments I know my Father lives. He died for my sins as well as the worlds sins. He gives me inspirations daily to stay close to Him and do what is right. He is my constant companion and He dwells by my side. He is never far away from me for when I need to call upon His Love and expertise He’s there to help me get through the days, sometimes even the minutes or seconds. He knows I love Him as He loves me. His Father instructs Him us as we elect to call for His care. My minds eye sees Him on the Cross for me. I see Him suffer every drop of Blood for my sins. I see Him severely punished for what I have done and I am so sorrowful. It humbles me that He would suffer and die for me. It emblazes my heart with fire to know the Length and strength of His Love for me. How can I let Him down? They send the Holy Ghost to guide my every thought, to give me insites, to guide my footsteps on a path well travelled. As I take each future step I Know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is headed by Our Lord Jesus Christ. On the earth, Our Lord has given us Divine prophets to counsel and teach us so that we can live our daily lives with exemplary behavior. This perfects us towards the straight and narrow path to Our future home of eternity. A glorious and loving Father has allowed us to bring our families and share the eternities with Him. How could it be otherwise? I have a strong testimony of our earthly leaders who prayer, guide, and teach us all they can to follow the Lord in Love and Charity and to be like Jesus Christ. Through our need to be perfect we follow their counsel. Thank God for these men and women who are close to the Lord everyday. Through my experiences since 1967, I know the blessings are waiting for us each and every day. The Lord can’t wait to shower us with His Love and blessings when we conform to the diligence of obedience to His Commandments. I know My Father Lives. I know Our Prophets are blessed from above. I Know this is the True Church restored to the earth as the deity would have it be. I know that the Missionaries are inspired to do the work of Our Lord. Put your shoulder to the wheel. You are the instruments in God’s hands. I say these things humbly and from my heart. My testimony is as precious to me as the streets of gold in Heaven. I stand all amazed at what Jesus offers me. I have my testimony to hold on to and it grows constantly. I have a family that My eternal companion and I have created. One person has grown to 2, then 2 to 7, then marriages, grandchildren and the total has risen to 25 to date, soon more marriages and great grandchildren. The eternal plan is expanding the heavens. I love my family past,present, and future. Humbly I thank thee for my testimony. Saying these words with reverence,I bow to Our Lord In the Name of Our Eternal and Omnipotent Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

Sara Atwood ( 12/4/2004 04:28 )

From North Dakota
Comments Hi. My name is Sara Atwood. I am 14 years old. About a year and a half ago, There was a fire in our laundry room (basement). My brother was in the room next to it, and he died from smoke inhalation. My 2 oldest sisters, Rebecca(23) and Rachel(19), were both away at college. My other sister got up early to help my mom with papers. The only other time she got up since the beginning of the school year, was the day before. Mom didn’t get me up since I stayed up late, studying for my science test the next day. My dad was on a work trip in Denver. I woke up in what I thought was the middle of the night. (later on, I found out it was early morning) It was kind of foggy in my room. As an instinct, I got on my hands and knees and I crawled off my bed and crawled over to my sisters’, all the while calling her name in a cracked, hoarse voice. When I reached her bed I felt for her. She wasn’t there. I looked over at the doorway, and thought about going to see what was up. But, I felt like everything was going to be all right. So, I stood up, and walk over to my bed. I passed out when I was half on my bed. When, I woke up, I saw this white blur. Then, I saw a man in a white coat, then my vision cleared some more, so I saw other doctors around me. Then, the doctor I saw first, told me everything was all right. They rolled me into another room. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. As I was being rolled there, I looked down and noticed a blue tube coming up at my mouth. But my mind was still kind of fuzzy. During, the next day, after I knew what was going on, the bishop’s presidency and my dad blessed me that I would be healed. Then my dad gave me a fathers blessing. Two days later they took me off the tubes. The next day I could eat again. The next day they took me off a mask and put me on something that helped me breathe through my nose. The next day I went to the first hour of my brothers funeral. Four days later I went home. But then i could just whisper. About 4 months later they told me to take some medication, and if that didn’t work then I would have to have surgery. At the last minute, my voice came back. It took a long time but now if I take my meds every day my voice sounds normal. And, lately, I fasted for a friend. I have never felt closer to my savior or to my god. Never have I felt the spirit so strongly before. And, now I really care about everyone. I can say honestly, that I love them, but what really hurts is when I hear about someone who dies who does not follow God. I know God lives. I Do have a testimony of the priesthood, and of prayer and of fasting, and of scripture study. I know that our Saviour suffered for our sins, died for us, and was resurrected so we could be resurrected as well. I love my Saviour. I love the temple. I love God. ~Sara Atwood

Karin Wilkinson ( 14/4/2004 08:47 )

From Virginia
Comments My sister Ingrid really taught me alot, she gave me a better look at life. even though she has had many problems she always relied on the Lord. She isn’t LDS anymore but has a great belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. My Testimony is That I know our Father in Heaven loved us so much that he sent his only begotten son to come to earth to die for our salvation. I really have to thank my sister for my testonmy. I am thankful to be here on this earth. I know that we are sent to earth as a test. I know that someday I will get to see my Father in heaven again. I know That the Bible is true. I am thankful to live in a country that is free of religion. I am grateful for my parents who have always put up with me and the others. I remember when I was a very mean person to others I would never give any respect for anyone untill one day I read in the Bible who says love your neighbors as you love the Lord. I always use to pray for me to know that the LDS church is the only true church on earth, I finally got my patriarticle blessing and it did say that this is the church and the only true church on Earth. I know it is true I have great Faith in the Lord jesus Christ. In the name of thy son Jesus Christ Amen.

johnny cobert ( 25/4/2004 02:01 )

From Texas
Comments On 10 December 2003 I held my grandson when he was about five hours old. He was awake looking back at me and I said to him, “grandson, it is a pleasure to meet you” and it seemed that a little smile came accross his face. Later, his older brother who is eight held my hand as we walked down the hallway outside my daughter’s hospital room. Without any prompting from me, my sweet grandson said to me, “Paps, Trent still remembers where he just came from doesn’t he?” I replied, “yes, Triston, he does, And Oh the things he could tell us if he could talk now.” It has been said that if we will cast our bread on the water it will someday return unto us toasted and buttered. My two grandsons, to me, are huge slices of toasted and buttered bread. I grew up in an anti-mormon enviroment in rural Louisiana in the 50’s and 60’s. In the midst of persecution and harrassment because of my religious beliefs I acquired a testimony of the Savior, the prophet Joseph’s experience in the sacred grove, and the subsequent restoration of the gospel that I cherish with all the strenght of my soul. My prayer is the Heavenly Father will allow me to live long enough to see my two grandsons serve honorable missions and then return and take their sweethearts to the holy temple to begin their eternal families. If I can live long enough to see this I will feel that maybe I did something right with my life. The testimony I have of the restored gospel and all that it teaches and represents burns in my soul.

Cutter to Christ ( 13/8/2004 15:53 )

From USA
Comments I learned many things about myself looking back on my deliverance from self injury and other things. I realized that I had to stop running to people and start running to Jesus. I begin to realize that I had to pray for myself and choose to do something different. I had to read my bible and seek God. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting difference results, when know exactly what the results will be, but choosing to do it anyways. See people could pray for me and help me out, but I also had to do something. I could not keep wanted everyone else to help me and I keep living as I was. There came a Wake Up call in my life where I had to want freedom more then I wanted the bondage. I had to want to live more than I want to die. I had to want Jesus more than anything else in my life. I am not going to tell you this was an easy road for me, it was not. But it was one worth taking and going through pain of deny my flesh, to be alive in Christ Jesus. The birthing pains of this Newness of life was begining to be REborn in me. I learned crying was healing me inside. I learned that my thinking was messed up. And I had to have a renewing of my mind that only Jesus could give me. He gave me His mind as I began to study His Word. See I was given a new heart, a transplant, and a blood transfusion by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. My heart was full of pian, my mind was insane, my blood leaked with poison, and my soul was dead. I had to be given a new mind, a new heart, new blood, and a new spirit. This is allowing Jesus to enter into you. You know longer think the way you did before. I have a peace of mind that surpasses all understanding. I have a heart of flesh where I can feel love and compassion for others. My souls is alive because I am filled with the Holy Ghost. My reason for telling you all of this is because I know Jesus can do this for you also. The old me died a long time ago along with the pain, sorrow, hatred, anger, resentments, unforgiveness, shame, guilt, etc. I have joy, love, patience, goodness, peace, and more because Jesus done for me what I could not do for myself. I was not only delivered from self injury, but also drugs, alcohol, prositution, mental hospitals, jails, by-polar manic depression, paranoia schizophrenia, depression, hearing voices, medications such as Zoloft, Lithium, Xanax, Valuim, Paxil, Trazadone, Wellbrutrin, and four other meds. I was on these all at the same time and was delivered from them all at once. Jesus is the Devine Physican, the Great Physician, the Comforter,the Counselor, and Jesus is the Deliverer! God bless, Cutter to Christ

Rana Ahmed ( 4/9/2004 21:01 )

From Pakistan
Comments Dear Brother: Hey everyone, I just want to bear my testimony to you! Jesus Christ has done more than I could ever ask or imagine! He has been the best friend that I could ever have. I was born in 1968, in a small village of district Gujranwala Pakistan. One Christian family of Mr.Barkat Masih was also living in our nibours. I was only 6 month old when we left that village and shifted in a small town of district Lahore. Where I grew up in a typical Islamic atmosphere of Muslim family therefore, I had a strong Islamic upbringing in my childhood. I passed 8th class from that town. In 1982, we shifted to Karachi the biggest city of Pakistan. It was new city for us. We did not have any relative or acquaints there in Karachi. I got admission in a school in 9th class. After having appeared in annual examination, I was waiting for its result. Once by chance, my father met with our old Christian nibour Mr. Barkat Masih who was also living with his son Younus Khokhar in the same city Karachi. His son Younus Khokhar was working with Pakistan Bible Society. When I meet with him, he offered me study course of Bible from Pakistan Bible Corresponds School. Therefore, I accepted his offer and joined the Bible study course. It was the first bless of God, which I remember in my life. In 1982, I started Bible course. As well as I continued my study each day, a new window was opened to me, which caused to destroy something in my inner being and were also caused to created something new which formulated my spirituals vision. When I completed Bible course, all old buildings of my thought were collapsed, my ideologies, my so-called Islamic attitude even my dreams had also destroyed. In such condition, I found myself; lonely standing in a desolated place, where the debris of old thought rendered me in a strange type of disparities and frustrations. The debris of my thoughts always disappointed me from my inner being. Once I was trying to sleep but I could not sleep, I turned here and there on my bed. Then I closed my eyes and prayed to God, I repented for my ex-sinful life. Then I was falling down in such a way, as someone dragged earth under my feet. Then I felt emptiness leaving behind all debris, all nonsense. I found, having lost everything, but discovered a new way of thoughts; I discovered my heart filled with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. While falling down someone hold my hand. I was born again, and it was my new life. My Pakistani Muslim family did not accept me at first. They tried to convince me that I was wrong; while I tried to challenge them with the Truth of the Gospel message. When they realized I was not going to return to Islam, I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my savior in my teenage. Once I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral Church Saddar Karachi. I joined prey with other Christians that infused me a new life. Then I started regularly pray there. Whatever I was feeling, I expected other would also feel like me. Therefore, in 1984 I took one of my Muslim friend to that church. When prey session ended, one Christian Youngman Mr. Mark, resident of Jumma Street Saddar Karachi started shouting in church compound, see muslims are coming in our church. Many people gathered there and he asked me have you baptized when I answered him negatively he beaten us and sternly warned not to come again in this church. Second day I went to Pakistan Bible Corresponds School from where I completed Bible study course so I consulted with Mr. Tim Bangs Clark an British national, who was the then principal of the school. I requested him for arrangement of my baptism, but he tolled me that they do not have such any policy of arranging baptism or conversion of Muslim to Christianity. I consulted with Younus Khokhar, and one another employ of Bible School namely Mr. Sadik Masih or Mr.Anwar Masih. Nevertheless, they both also refused for baptism. I surprised and thought, may be I am small boy of aged 16 year so they all refused me for baptism. In 19 84, first time I learned, that conversion is not allowed in islam, quite clearly under Islam, one does not have the right to change one’s religion, if one is born into a Muslim family. Applying double standards, Muslims are quite happy to accept converts to their religion, but a Muslim may not convert to another religion, this would be apostasy, which is punishable by death in my country Pakistan. When I learned about islam and its restriction for conversion. I became upset. I was trying to sleep but I could not sleep, I called my Lord Jesus Christ and prayed to God for my guidance. I heard very delicate voice” you are baptized with Holy Spirit”. it was really the greatest reward from God in my life. I got blessing of my Lord Jesus Christ in 1982, and within next one year, my whole life changed. A person who comes in light from darkness naturally he will preach about the Kingdome of God. In 1990, I did graduation in science and got degree of B.Sc. until that my whole family and friends turned against me. They all socially boycotted with me. In 2001 when USA attacked on Afghanistan, some Pakistani Taliban abducted me, they took me in tribal area of Balochistan. Many their colleagues were fighting in Afghanistan. The chief of the kidnappers charged me of conversion in Christianity. Therefore, he gave order of killing. I called my Lord Jesus Christ for my help. Next day they took me out and they wanted to kill me. Suddenly the head of the Gang received a telephonic call from somewhere. Then he stopped to firing squad and tolled me that our people are fighting JIHAD in Afghanistan so we are in dire need of money if you arrange one million rupees then we can release you so I paid them 0.3 million rupees and they released me. It was great miracle. Now I am married and even living in a muslim country Pakistan but my Lord always bless me. I have three small sons. I have been silently suffering persecution since for last 20 years. However, always I encouraged from this verse Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kind of evil against you because of me. (Mathew 5:10, 11) If you are further, interested I will be glad to share with you the material and reasoning I used during this long and difficult journey from a staunch Muslim to a believing Christian. I also would like to share with you some very personal and tangible experiences I have had since accepting Christ. It has made the most positive change in my life that I could never even imagine was possible. I am literally a “new” person in my attitudes towards others as well as myself. I hope we can continue this discussion. God Bless you and your family

Brad Jennings ( 26/9/2004 11:59 )

From California
Comments Anyone who reads the book of mormon with an open heart will feel the holy ghost and know its true. Its truly a history of the Americas. Circa 600 bc to 4oo ad

Dale Pierce ( 30/10/2004 23:24 )
Comments I am not of the Mormon faith or any faith but just surfed in while working on a new book on wild west history (I lived in Arizona many years). People might wish to go to the site listed for my book publishers, Golden West Publishers and check out my book, Wild West Characters, which has been in print since 1991, which likewise includes some Mormon pioneer bios within the text, such as Young, Gates, William Flake and others. While not a Mormon, I believe I dealt with them favorably in the text. Found your page while surfing and researching and figured I would leave my mark as well. I am working on a new book called Whispers From Boot Hill, which should include some Mormon gravesites as well. Mormons seem to take a lot of flack, but the ones I knew were all fantastic people, though they of course could not persuade me to join them. Best of wishes for all on this site.


2 Responses to Archive of Testimonies #6

  1. sylvester says:

    i knw the new jeruselem wil be built upon the american cntinent,,,,dat heavenly father wil preside and jesus christ wil conduct,,,, joseph smith wil be hymns director i knw dat dis is vry vry true. The book of mormon is an iron rod wich the word of god lds church is indeed a true church upon the face of the earth.

  2. Kenneth Charles Barnum says:

    Ken from central arizona,
    Stopped by the site and the Spirit urged me to bare my testimony. My Lord, my God, my Saviour, my Friend, Jesus Christ, preserved my life in my advanced age for reasons, I know not why, although I’m eternally grateful for a little more time. This short sojourn is a brief time of testing and perfecting. Heavenly Father is intimately aware of me and you will add experiences tailored for each of us. I love Him and know that He lives, in the name of my eternal friend Jesus Christ, amen.

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