The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Fighting Pornography

Pornography is an ugly addiction that enslaves people with lust after the flesh and degrades all of the people involved, including the family of the addicted person. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a website to help us combat pornography.

5 Responses to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Fighting Pornography

  1. rory ryan says:

    i used to think porn was bad, but now at 38 and a half years old, i think it serves a good purpose in some hard to explain ways. For instance, some people shouldn’t be married before they get over certain emotional, social, psychological disturbances or maybe even educational or financial challenges. Without porn, these individuals that can very well be a work in positive progress, would be in a very difficult and likely destructive situation(s).

    Maybe, just maybe, the important things is is to be plugged into Christ and work toward his message and reconfiguring oneself so that we are more like Him rather than turning off the porn. Better this than marry and be deeply unhappy, I suppose.

    Just some random thoughts…

    Thank you for listening.

    • Allen says:

      You have a point, Rory. One of the problems with porn is that it can help a person to lust after others. This can be a real problem because lust is something that grows until deviate action is taken. In addition, lust can cause a person to think of others as toys instead of as real persons. The LDS church is strongly against porn, as the site I link to brings out.

      You pointed out that it is important to be connected to Christ and to become more like Him. I agree very much like that. Christ, whom LDS believe was Jehovah, gave a commandment to Moses that we should not lust. He taught his disciples and followers that those who lust in a physical sense after others have committed adultery in their hearts. Because of this, I don’t think that Christ condones porn.

      I heard a LDS speaker talk about sexual relations. He expressed sexual relations as being on three levels. The lowest level is where a person uses sex to satisfy his physical needs. Porn is on this level. The next level is where a person has sexual relations to satisfy his partner’s needs as well as his own. The use of porn can not exist on this level, because a “partner” is a picture or a video/movie and isn’t real. The highest level is where a person has sexual relations to express his/her love and appreciation to the other person. This is the real goal of LDS and hopefully others. I think that in real life, a person goes through all three stages. Sexual relations are therefore a process of growth and bonding between the two people.

    • Karen says:

      As a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist I would like to add that one needn’t be completely healed of even serious emotional problems to be married. It is within marriage that we are given the opportunity to learn some of life’s most basic and most important lessons…and heal. Marriage isn’t meant to be flawless, without trial or tribulation; the opposite is actually closer to the truth. It is within this partnership, this covenant with your spouse and your Heavenly Father that you can find the tools you need to grow and learn the ins and outs of who you really are. Unfortunately, many people who experience trials in their marriage see it as a sign “it isn’t working” and give up. In reality, these trials are exactly what we need (to work through) in order to grow emotionally and spiritually. If each partner works on him or herself, while staying close to the spirit of the Lord, humble and teachable, and reaching out to husband or wife in compassion even through difficulty, it is possible that in this union, even the most difficult emotional problems can be more easily resolved or borne. Pornography is never a good answer in my opionion. It is an avoidance of reality just as much as alcohol is, and even more addictive. It damages the soul. You might ask yourself, how might my future wife feel knowing I looked at pornography and it is part of my past? How might that make her feel, not just about me, but about her own body when I look at her?

  2. mrconflix says:

    I want to say to all who are fighting the good fight, that I have a blog open to all who are trying to fight the pornography addiction found at
    It is completely anonymous and is for those who are struggling to read the stories of others and share their own experiences – anonymously. It some times helps to know you’re not alone in the fight. It also is helpful to share so that others too know they are not alone and that their is hope of overcoming this horrible problem.

  3. Hala says:

    I know someone who was addicted to porn and felt the condemnation and guilt to the point that they got castrated. The members of his Evangelical church put him in a circle and told him how fowl and evil he was. Hyeah, like that helped right? Last night one of the Sisters told me that her sister is working on a solution to porn. I hope that discussion of it gets out in the open, and that people are helped.

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