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About Allen

I am a person who, without argument or debate, wants to discuss and share ideas with others. Even though we may disagree on things, civil discourse will help us retain sanity and friendship in our relationships.
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2 Responses to What’s New

  1. I am a believer and I am all for Mormonism as well as any belief in God.

    However, I find myself wondering about the way the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon and other standard works) keep referring to man in his “natural” state to be an enemy of God. Why would God that is ALL love and always “Good” would want to create an enemy? Theological explanations such as to give a chance for man to exercise his “free-will” and experience “choice” know “good” from”evil” etc., are not in keeping with what we know of God and of His divine son’s sacrifice.

    I am of the opinion that an “un-natural” (the one who is blinded by the cultural influences) man is what is described in those teachings. A natural man is not likely to be an an enemy of anyone,let alone God. Such a natural-man still has to make a choice, weather he wants to accept the Gospel and be a follower of Jesus Christ. But, to call an “un-natural” state as “natural” is reverse of what we know to be nature as we have come to understand and recognize the biological universe in which we are born and exist.

    • Allen says:

      Hi Bala,

      You’ve brought out a problem in languages: meanings of words vary from person to person. When I read about the “natural” man, I think of the mortal man. When I read that the natural man is an enemy of God, I think of the mortal man who does not have the spirit of the Lord and who makes choices that take him away from God. Everybody who is born into this world has the Light of Christ. However, we do things that separates us from God, and we temporarily lose the influence of the Light of Christ. Thus, from this perspective, the mortal man is an “enemy” of God in that he chooses to separate himself from God. Since we are all human and do sin, we all are “enemies” of God, so to speak. Through repentance and through the Atonement of Christ, we can be forgiven of our sins and come into God’s presence. Natural man is not an enemy of God in the same way that Satan is an enemy of God. Satan wants to destroy God. We just follow our mortal appetites and separate ourselves from God. There is a big difference between the two types of “enemies” of God.

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