Gospel Crossword Puzzles

I thought I’d share with you the crossword puzzles that I’ve used in my church classes. A web site that lets you make crossword puzzles online is http://www.puzzlemaker.com. A web site that has fun crossword puzzles is LDS Crossword Puzzles. The puzzles I’ve created are using software from hokuasoftware.com

To print a puzzle, click on the puzzle (if necessary) to get only that puzzle in the window. Use the File menu to print the page.

The puzzles are large files and may take a few seconds to download. If you have problems printing the puzzles, you might try printing them with a later version of Photoshop Elements. I use version 10 of that program, and it allows me to ignore the actual size of the image and specify the size of the printed page.


3 Responses to Gospel Crossword Puzzles

  1. Liz Sartori says:

    Hey, I’ve another site for you… It’s http://MormonPuzzles.com Get a new set of puzzles each week! One crossword and one wordsearch. What do you think?

    • Allen says:

      Thanks, Liz, for the link! I haven’t used that site, but I appreciate the link so others can go there.

    • Allen says:

      The link that Liz gave no longer works. But, an Internet search should reveal other sites that have LDS puzzles.

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