Defense of the Gospel

This section contains information that will be helpful to those who have opportunities to answer questions from persons who ask questions about the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In addition to this site, there are other web sites that present detailed answers to critics of the Mormon Church.

My book that is posted in this site contains answers to many scriptural questions asked by non-members. The answers are scattered throughout the book, as appropriate, so I can’t point you to particular pages. Use the Table of Contents to locate topics that are of interest to you.

On March 25, 2007, a ninety-minute video, Search for the Truth, was distributed to thousands of homes across the United States. The video attempts to contrast our beliefs with Biblical Christianity. I have not seen the video and can not comment on it, but here are two links that critique the video. The first link is from a LDS source, and the second link is by a non-Mormon who lives in Salt Lake City and is well acquainted with LDS beliefs.

2 Responses to Defense of the Gospel

  1. Nathan Figueira says:

    I really like this site. I use it in planning talks, Sunday school lessons and it helps me in my own testimony. Thanks!

  2. sunday says:

    want to know more

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