Zion Home Teaching Service

We care when you don’t have time to.

Home teaching getting you down? Can’t get that annoying Priesthood Leader off your back? Home Teaching interfering with your TV and Golf? We can help! At Zion’s Home Teaching Service we’ll do your Home Teaching for you. For a small monetary fee we will send one of our trained representatives to the homes of your families.

Basic Visit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10

Basic Visit plus Spiritual Message . . . . . . . . $15

Birthday and anniversary cards in addition
to the Basic Visit and Spiritual Message. . . . . . $20


PLEASE NOTE: Because of heavy volume, an extra $15 will be added for the last day of
the month.


Check Out Our New Services

Meetings: We will send a representative to the appropriate meeting to take notes for you and report back.

Ward Council Meeting $30

Ward Council Meeting w/ written report $50

Presidency Meetings $20

PEC $25

Sacrament Meeting $20

Sunday School $20

Priesthood $20

3-hour Sunday Block (best value) $50

PLEASE NOTE: Surcharge of 10% for stake meetings


PLEASE NOTE: Because of heavy volume, an extra $15 will be added for the last day of
the month.


Talks and Lessons

Did a bishopric member call and assign you a talk? Tired of wasting Saturday night preparing a lesson? Well, free up your time and just read one of our professionally prepared talks and lessons. No need to spend countless hours poring through books, writing and praying. We’ll do it for you!

Basic Talk (any subject assigned) $20

Scripture Talk (basic + 5 scriptures) $30

Deluxe Talk (scripture + 1 poem + 2 G.A. quotes) $40

All talks are guaranteed to last 15 minutes. Add $1 for each additional minute

Basic Lesson (40 minutes) $25

Deluxe (Basic + visual aides) $35

Super Deluxe (Deluxe + Handouts) $45

* Due to high expectations, centerpieces and floral arrangements, Relief Society lessons are slightly higher. Call for quote.

* Due to lower expectations, priesthood lessons receive a 10% discount.


PLEASE NOTE: Because of heavy volume, an extra $15 will be added for the last day of
the month.


Introducing our Bundle Buys and Frequent Shopper Plan

Bundle any 3 services and receive a 20% discount. Receive one free Basic talk or lesson with any 10 purchases.

There you have it! We take all the work off of your shoulders and put ours to the wheel just for you.

Casserole Service

If you just can’t possibly throw together food for various Ward occasions,


Our basic services include:

a.. Funeral Potatoes
b.. Green Bean/Mushroom Soup with Crunchy Onions
c.. Green Jell-O with Carrots
d.. Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl
e.. CheezWiz/Tater Tot Surprise

For only $15 (plus deposit) each delivered to your house marked with your name!
They’ll never know you didn’t make ’em!

… Author unknown


One Response to Zion Home Teaching Service

  1. Ellen White says:

    This was shared in sacrament meeting yesterday! What smiles it brought..

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